OMG, For Real? The Barefoot Iguana Night Club to Open in 2022!

I first visited Ambergris Caye in August of 2006.  And every night of the week, there was a different event that ALL visitors to the island (who wanted to go out at night) attended.  Monday, it was Crazy Canuck’s Beach Bar for Punta Night, Tuesday was live music at the Tacklebox,  Wednesday, Ladies Night at Wet Willies…Friday night was Fido’s… it was so fun.  You felt like you knew everyone in town by the end of the week.

But I also remember asking “Where does everyone go on Saturday night?”  And the bartender looked into the distance…wistfully if I remember correctly…and told us about The Barefoot Iguana.  The nightclub just down the road…where EVERYONE went on Saturday nights…”it was awesome”.

There were floor shows – dancers in costumes – there were foam parties and midget wrestling (eeek…I’m only repeating what I was told)- and bartenders who wore no shirts, just bowties on the weekends.  Ala Chippendales 1988.

Here’s a picture I found on (if you have any photos of your time there – please please please send them to me)

But it had just closed in 2005 or 2006. I don’t remember the reason.  A huge empty building with a large plaster pyramid, dripping with plaster vines and the words BAREFOOT IGUANA left…empty.

A few years later, a bar opened on the outside of the empty building.  Roadkill Bar – they did a very popular karaoke night for a while and a quiz night (photos from 2011!) and burgers that were really tasty.  And check out these 2011 Halloween pictures – you might recognize some folks!

It’s been open (under a few different owners) since then until just a few weeks ago…when I heard that the Roadkill bar was removed from the outside of the building and being moved up near Secret Beach!  (I need to check that out next)

I had to stop by to see what was going on.

If you haven’t been to Roadkill or seen the Barefoot Iguana building – it is south of San Pedro town…just south of the Belize Yacht Club.

Here are my pictures from last week.  I was told that the club will be re-opening in August.  A whole 16 years since it last closed…wow.

The outside bar (Road Kill Bar) has been removed…

The sign for the old nightclub…

And then inside…

Honestly?  I was expecting a disaster (after all those years) but it isn’t in bad shape.  There is certainly work to do…but August…maybe?

Maybe soon you CAN really party like it’s 1999!  And I mean that in the very best way – 1995-2012 were my best year for nightclubbing.

Note:  I did just see this announcement from the SPTC town council.  We will see if this slows things down?




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