Rain Gone, Winds Shift and The Most Beautiful Day

Earlier this week and far far away (at least 1000 miles) – record-setting Hurricane Agatha hit the Mexican state of Oaxaca – died down quickly and passed over the northern Yucatan as a tropical wave.  But she had far-reaching effects – Ambergris Caye say her first real rain of the season.  Almost-empty cisterns, dusty roads, thirsty plants and animals rejoice!  (We even saw a pretty little Mexican parrot snake drinking from the dogs’ bowl at the camp last week)

Leftover Agatha is now bringing rain to Southern Florida…

But here on Ambergris Caye?  The winds have shifted – moving away the sargassum which has plagued us this year – and yesterday was a GLORIOUS day.

I bring my camera to town every single day.  But for the last few weeks – with the dust and the seaweed – I have felt very uninspired.  But yesterday…YESTERDAY…I couldn’t take enough photos.  It was absolutely gorgeous.   Here are a few of them.

The rain also brought the rain lilies at our camp…little Amaryllis bulbs that remain dormant until a big rain and then spring up and flower for one day.

AND TONS of these butterflies are being reported all over Ambergris Caye and all over the Yucatan (here they are yesterday up north from Cancun to Tulum) – the Eunica Momica or the “dingy purple wing” are migrating!  Or doing something…I saw thousands yesterday.

They were everywhere yesterday!  Tom Cawthorn got a good photo…they are…dingy with purple wings that shimmer in the sunlight.

It’s the season – soon we will see yellow-green butterflies go by…and then the hermit crabs do their thing…you can read all about it here.

Okay…to the photos.

Look closely and you can see Jason posing on the dock…

Wayos Bar

One of my favorite views – under the huge seagrape tree at the Hotel Boca del Rio.

Estel’s Dine by the Sea.

And some of the seaside seating…

And then this beautiful spot right in the center of town…

Just a quicky…have a great weekend.

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