I’m Heading to Belize Prime Day Deals

I hear you.  GROAN.  Prime Day?

But hear me out.  I woke up today to about 10 alerts on my phone, 75 emails, commercials on repeat on Hulu and Facebook &Instagram ablaze with Prime Day information.

This year they seem to be REALLY pushing air purifiers – last year it was some GE ice machine.  (You must be throwing ALOT of parties to need a $400+ table top ice machine)

Anyway…I’m getting more messages than I get for Christmas and by the end of the day, I wouldn’t be surprised if it is more than I get for my next birthday.  Is this now the biggest holiday in the USA?  Is it a public holiday?  Is everyone at work just online shopping?  Or maybe you took the day off.

It’s PRIME DAY.  Or days.  July 12 and 13.  And here are some things I love and things that are great for travel – and travel to Belize.  Yes.  I am just another amazing lemming running off the prime day cliff.  Run with me!

And if you ask:  Does Belize Have Online Shopping/Amazon Prime?  Here’s the answer.

(Yes…but it won’t be delivered until the first week of August)

I’ll keep this short 🙂

Things I Have and Can’t Live Without

My #1 Item this Time of Year:  Sawyer Picardin Insect Lotion

Picardin not DEET.  So it isn’t very greasy, it doesn’t smell bad, it doesn’t sweat off, it doesn’t melt plastic and toenail polish AND it works for hours and hours and hours under intense bug onslaught.  Tested again and again by me.  Each packet easily covers your entire body with some leftovers for a reapply.  This lotion is a gift from god.  AND 40% OFF!

Sunglasses:  You know what they say:  Once you go polarized, you never go back.  It’s soooo true and I just learned it 3 years ago, when I bought my first pair of classic Rayban POLARIZED sunglasses.  If you hem or haw at spending over $100US on sunglasses, consider that in Belize, I wear them about 360 days a year.  And with the glare from the water and the sand – they are practically a medical necessity.

30% off!  And polarized.  I’d love to get these in another color or maybe even cop-like mirrored.

This seems so obvious but I fought it for years!  “But I LOVE the feel of a real book and the smell of it”  I still do but when there is no real book store (though we do have a great used book place at Aquarius Salon) – you find that if you are a reader, a kindle is critcal.  If you are doing only books, this one is SUCH A DEAL.

Rain Jacket:  It doesn’t rain on Ambergris Caye but when it does?  It’s so great to have a little waterproof jacket with the hood tucked in your bag – whether you are on a boat or a golf cart or just walking around.  This one is great, doesn’t look like you are wearing a big ol’ trashbag, comes in lots of cute colors and a little pouch.  AND it’s half off…less than $30.

The men’s version only comes in black and cost a bit more but is still a killer deal.

Kindle:  I have only of the Fire/Tablet ones because I like to subscribe to magazines and it is perfect for that.  (Though don’t get the Fire to read on the beach – the shiny screen makes that impossible).  The Fire 10 is on sale for $75!

Wish List Kinda Stuff

Native Sneakers:  I am in the ANTI-CROCs camp but always looking for something similar.  Easy slip on…can wear on a rainy day or when I head to the mainland for some light hiking…more rugged than a flip flop but not full-blown hiking shoe.

I saw these on someone a few months ago in Placencia and they were sooo cute.  And now they are 20% off.  I have them in my Shopping Bag…I just might do it.  They are the cutest thing ever on kids.

I have been using the same sad luggage (tattered duffel bags) for years…decades now.  This sleek hard covered Samsonite (gorillas can jump on it!) is so great looking. I’m mentally buying the dark blue…classic but not lost amongst 150 other black suitcases on the conveyor belt.  This set is less than $170US right now.  That’s a great price.


I’m going to leave it there…you most likely have 50 emails in your Inbox too.  Filled with info on AirPods and Packing cubes (I got influenced to buy some a few years ago and never use them)…so get shopping!


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