Getting Things Done As Things Slow Down

It feels like the “slow season” has finally set in this week.  And while I can go on and on about how I think it’s a good time to visit – I’m switching gears too.  At least for the next month or so.


It’s called Getting Things Done.   These are the big 3 on my plate.

  • Updating my book – the 2023 “Post-Pandemic” edition.  Shooting for November on that…
  • Updating my website.  I love the look of my current website but the “behind-the-scenes”, the tech part of it is old and outdated.  And there are all sorts of sections that I had planned to fill out more completely.  But it’s impossible for me to keep up with all the restaurant openings and closings on this island.  Doing that for Punta Gorda and Cayo?  100% impossible.  My site is getting a complete overhaul…and simplification.  And that’s happening now.  Hopefully done by November as well.  I’ve got a lot of new writing to do!
  • Submitting my application for Belizean citizenship.  Like almost everything in Belize, it is simple but not easy.  I’m 85% there.  The final stage is getting signatures from my two sponsors.  2 Belizean-born citizens that vouch for me.  “I vouch for her good character and loyalty and am prepared to furnish full details about my knowledge of, and acquaintance with, the applicant.”  They will need to go to the Immigration office in San Pedro for an interview.

Yesterday I went to a local bar and restaurant to get the information from my sponsor.  A friend I’ve known for just about 15 years.  The spot is called The Island’s Jungle Restaurant and Bar and it’s pretty fantastic.  The round bar under the palapa is great – for meeting people and chatting with the bartender.  And then behind it, there is a more loungy area…and then seating in what really is a beautiful jungle area.

Right across the street from Caribbean Villas.

And the most incredible HUGE Central American Banyan tree I’ve ever seen.  (Apparently, this is smallish!  They can be 100 feet high and then can widen for acres.  It starts its life as an epiphyte…sorry can really tumble down a banyan-tree rabbit hole if you are not careful)

This – covered in twinkly lights – would make the most gorgeous spot for a wedding.  The disco ball is already there…

Look for the disco ball (it’s in the upper right hand quadrant) – that’s how you can see how HUGE this thing is.   The light coming thru it is incredible.

I’m not doing it justice.  I definitely want to go back to eat – it’s on my list but might take a month…or three.  I’m getting stuff done!

Speaking of beautiful shade…

“We” are also getting stuff done at the camp.  Jeff’s up there now.  Take a look at this gorgeous pergola/hammock-cocktail garden area.

So if I miss a post or two  – you’ll know what I am up to.

LASTLY, if you are looking for just a three-minute taste of San Pedro right now – this VIDEO!  I’m in love with it.  And the song.  It’s kinda perfection.

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