Last Group at Cayo Frances Farm & Fly Before Vacation

Vacation!  The slower season.  Time of heat and mosquitos when you are way off the grid at the camp – Cayo Frances Farm and Fly.

You can see from this overhead pic that there isn’t much around but bush and lagoons.

A good season to take a bit of time – especially for a small business.  And Cayo Frances is a three-man operation (and one woman who does the baking 🙂 )  There are going to be some upgrades and general upkeep…

You can see the camp location on a map in this post.  4 or 5 miles north of Secret Beach.

The mosquito meter is firmly in red territory…

Mosquito Meter

The olive green tube is British army issue…

And here’s my desk at the camp.

There is going to be a new stone path between the cabins, with lighting, when we re-open in October.  Fingers crossed.  Things don’t always go as planned around here.

Coconut husks to burn in the evening…the mosquitos do not enjoy smoke at all.

A note:  Just about a month ago, we got the Thermacell Mosquito Repeller to try out and…we aren’t finding that it makes much of a difference.  It gets so many good reviews but I think it is just playing a whole different ballgame down in Belize.  Out of its league.

The dogs LOVE the camp.  Run around, try to kill things, go for a swim, nap, repeat.

Back to check on my lemons.  Last year, we planted 2 lemon trees, 3 hass avocados and 2 mangos (all grafted) in grow bags and…our lemons!  Man…these things grow slooowly.

A male papaya tree – he only gives flowers no fruits.  But the bats and the hummingbirds love it.  And the flowers smell amazing in the evening.

The 2022 permit board.

This area – this dead zone – is covered by cement pavers.  It’s too low and close to the lagoon and because of the salt, nothing grows.  When closed, it’s going to get a pergola — shade for a hammock garden.  Hooray!

And then a heard a bark…the strange sound Ginger, the camp dog makes when she sees a snake.  Her mortal enemy.  This is Ginger with Andress, the camp manager.

And that’s the blue-headed Mexican parrot snake.  They are really pretty and can very easily get away from dogs.

Here he is making his way behind the bar and away from the dogs.

They are very easily distracted anyway…especially when Jeff’s around.

Time to make a little breakfast and…get to work.  Although when it’s this hot…that can be very hard to do.

For the temperature and really feel – check out this local website.

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