Late Summer Weather Can Be So Beautiful on Ambergris Caye

It’s the time of the year when storm systems really start swirling out there in the Atlantic and Caribbean.  The sea is at her hottest, the air is too.   So, in general, that means hot, humid days…probably some rain at night, maybe some in the day.  We are not quite at the “October Doldrums” – when it seems as though the breeze has been sucked away and the sea can be as still and as clear as a swimming pool but we are getting there.

October 2021 – The Doldrums.

Entrance to Blue Tang

It sure is pretty out.  Here are some photos from yesterday.  My 49th birthday.  I had a great one.

Here’s my Guide to the Rainy Season (and Packing for the Rainy Season) in Belize

Ok…to the pics.

One of my favorite things.  Sunday, 10am Yin Yoga with Kirsten.  Stretching…if you are feeling it…no pressure at all.  Take it easy yoga – with this view and the breeze and the sound of the ocean…

Such a great place to eat breakfast in the shade either after yoga or in place of…no pressure.

Heading back home…usually I see lots of golf carts heading to Secret Beach.  But it’s quiet.  Perhaps the real beginning of “slow season”.

I LOVE this new mural at The Winey Gringa.  (Here’s a look inside one month ago when the shop re-opened)

Mural winey gringa

And taking the dogs out for a walk…

The cocoplums are ripe.

And our neighbor’s home, Tuto…

Today looks like a beauty too.  Happy Monday all…

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