What A Weekend In San Pedro! Pictures From Events at Grand Caribe Resort

The island was PACKED this weekend.  Most hotel rooms, all of the golf carts, were reserved and rented.  Water taxis were arriving packed to the gills.  Wait just a second…I thought we were supposed to be moving into “slow season”!?

No way!  This weekend, the Belize Tourism Board organized and hosted the First International Food and Music Festival on the island with a slew of big names performing in Belize for the first time.  Two nights, loads of artists and DJs…and I knew…KNEW…that these events were going to go late night!  I love live music – I would love to see Koffee (the headliner from Day 1) and Barrington Levy and DeMarco and Supa G but I can’t stand for 10 hours straight.  (Not to mention that I can hardly stay up past 10pm without getting loopy) I decided not to go…and for me, it was a good decision.  Koffee went on stage at about 4am.  FOUR AM!

(I learned this all the hard way when I went to see Sean Paul in Belize City – and he went onstage at about 3am…so far past my bedtime)

The concerts – both nights – looked amazing and I am far better off enjoying the videos and the pictures from the comfort of my couch.

I headed down to Grand Caribe Resort – one of the largest resorts on the island – where LOTS was going on as well.  A HUGE fishing tournament with huge prizes…

For pictures of the fish (including the catch and release of the billfish)…

Check out Grand Caribe’s facebook page.  The colors!

And on Saturday a business expo showcasing some businesses from around San Pedro and the country.  Here are all the pictures I took of both events – and a few around the beautiful resort.

Oh…before I continue…my favorite part – 10% of the calcutta (about $10,000) will be donated for 7 Scholarships for Junior Tour Guide Certification to support youths in the industry.  Amazing.

(I just read the definition of “Calcutta” in a fishing tournament and I’m not sure I actually get it.  But it’s a lot of money)

To the pictures!

From the Expo.  You can usually find this lovely lady on the beach by Estel’s in town selling her beautiful wood carvings.

The ladies from San Pedro Urgent Care.

Coffee and cupcakes and chocolate and rum…

Lots of different booths to visit.

And a slate carver from Succotz Village – by the entrance to Xunantunich Mayan site (my favorite – here’s my last visit)  I meant to get his name – I would love to get a camp logo carved…

I was distracted by the raffles they were having at the event.  I am a sucker for a raffle even though I never win.  Hope springs eternal.

And then Sunday morning…San Pedro was like a ghost town.  As I mentioned above, the main act had gone on stage just before 4am.

So I was surprised to see a huge crowd at the awards ceremony for the tournament.  At 11am.

This first prize check gets even the most hungover, sleepiest person out of bed!

First place and over $90,000!

And young Enzo won $500 and some brand new Costa sunglasses as best junior angler.

Best Junior Angler

Very impressive event.  It was such a pretty day I had to step across the street for some pics of the resort.

See how quiet it is?  The resort is full but either everyone is sleeping or at the fishing event.

Check out my recent DELICIOUS sushi date night at one of Grand Caribe’s restaurants.

Very tempting to get some Guava glazed BBQ chicken but I was headed home…

August is the end of the line for me – I NEED to update my book.  And I’ve got 30 more days.  (Self-imposed but DEAD SERIOUS!)  If you have any recommendations for me – please please email me at [email protected].

I hope you all had a great weekend.  Monday is a day to rest and relax after 2 very busy days and nights in San Pedro because today is a Holiday in Belize – and much of the Caribbean.  Emancipation Day.  The UK abolished slavery in 1834…

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