San Pedro Town Looks so Pretty for the 2022 September Celebrations

September celebrations are about to switch into high gear in San Pedro.  September 9th and 10th are the first big events.  On the evening of September 9th, there is a Fire Engine Parade to kick things off and then September 10th, in the morning, there is a Uniform Parade of kids paired with incredibly hot hot temperatures.  It’s that time of year!

San Pedro in September 2022

You can see the calendar and event descriptions in this post.

Yesterday was a very pretty day – except for an early afternoon downpour!  The town looks so pretty in her red, white, and blue.  Is it possible to vote for flags draped across the street every day of the year?

Here are some photos.

One note: In-person school is back on in Belize – and if you are in town, especially between 1130 and about 130pm, you will notice kids everywhere and TRAFFIC.  The largest primary school in town is right in the middle of town.  Parents picking up…traffic wardens crossing kids and stopping carts…oh man.  Add some extra time to your errands or try to avoid driving around during those hours.  The town council has recently released a schedule for the big trucks to try to alleviate some of the traffic…but if you are a driver here – narrow roads and countless vehicles, it is apparent that some sort of major overhaul needs to occur soon!  I’d start with limiting parking on the road north of town during the day to start.  And then limiting parking on the road by My Secret Deli and Hol Chan.  Oh man…don’t get me started 🙂

Truck Schedule

To the photos!

Above Varela’s Lumber, this home looks so festive!

This home on Front Street usually leads the way in decoration but they are starting small as they repaint their porch.

Front Street Home
Front Street September

Walking down Front Street, San Pedro.

This year’s motto:  Valiant and Bold, Proud and Strong!  Belize rebounds at 41!

Town Council Decorations
Central Park
Flag in Central Park
Town Clock
Church September decorations

I’m very into the shadow…

Front Street

And then beautiful Lavish Habit – one of the prettiest and comfiest spots in town.

Lavish Habit

That’s all for now!  See you at the parades.

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