We Don’t Play: San Pedro’s Independence Jump-Up Parade 2022

Yesterday was Independence Day in Belize – September 21, 2022, and Belize turned 41 years old.  If you’ve been to this tiny country you know that Belizeans are so proud of where they were born but man…it really shines through on the 21st of September.  Here’s a great song to get you in the mood – an oldie but a goody.  If this song doesn’t make you try to dance, nothing will


Parade Costume

And after 3 years of celebration cancellations due to COVID, it was ON.  The San Pedro Jump Up Parade was sooo good.  I LOVE that kids were back in it.  (The previous town council administration had restricted kids/school participation for some reason – alcohol consumption I believe?)  But it’s so fun to see kids and adults having so much fun together.  The energy was amazing…even though the temperature (real-feel) was about 100.  (I used sanpedrowx.com for those calculations)

Parade Route

The parade was an almost straight line this year (usually it winds through the streets of town – back and forth) – and I couldn’t figure out how to take pictures at the beginning so this year I was in the midst of it…more action shots…

Official Line Up

BUT my friend Mike W. took some AMAZING shots so I’m going to give you both…his are so good…let’s start there.  And then I’ll get to my B-roll.

Mike…south of San Pedro town.

High School Dancers

Love the Police Cadets.

Belize Police Cadet Corp

Police Cadets

This parade is just joy…and hours and hours of work with glue guns around the island!

September Golf Cart

Olive's Daughter



Pretty shot


The queen of Hol Chan’s float….beautiful.

Hol Chan Queen



Ramon Village Resort celebrating its 35th anniversary.  They had so much energy – THANK YOU RAMONS!


Ramon's Village

Drum Corp

The Belikin Truck was keeping people hydrated with bags of water and cans of cold beer.

Belikin Truck

Butterfly costume

Thank you Mike – these pictures are AMAZING and I’m inspired to head down south – it looks like it was waaay less crowded down there!

And now to mine…I was in the canyon of heroes 😉  Just by the traffic circle north of town.

I’m just going to share a bunch in chronological order and try not to dwell on the fact that I got hit hard in the head by a piece of Mexican candy.  Ha.

After a grey morning, the sun was shining and a party was ready to happen at the parade’s end point – Boca Del Rio park.

Holy bouncy castle.

Bouncy Castle

Boca Del Rio Park

Waiting for the parade

Fire engines

Faith, Miss San Pedro

Belikin in Parade

Speaker Tower

Drum Corp Boys

My friend Luis and his son.

Luiz Paz

Golf Carts Decorated



Ramon's Parade 35

Rene Reyes

Lions CLUB

Hol Chan Float


Hi Billy!  The amazing crew at RRR Rescues.

This huge crew!  Did you know that you can join them if you order a costume ahead of time?  I think it was $50bzd this year…

How fun would THAT be on your vacation?

Beautiful Melody.


Awesome, amazing, well done, impressive, joyous. I couldn’t stop smiling.

But then it was time to head home…and EVERYONE was headed to the after party…

Gurrereo House

Thank GOODNESS September celebrations are back on.  Thank you to everyone who participated…months of practicing and planning and crafting all so we can enjoy for a few hours.  I LOVE IT.

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