My Five: Rainy Weekend, Big Daddy’s Demolition, Tiburon’s New Shop & More

Here is a round-up of 5 Things on my mind at the end of the first week in October.  A few things happening in San Pedro, the weather (always a hot topic in September/October in this part of the world) and my life.  So I’ll just jump into it.

My Five

#1 The Weather No matter what other websites say, after 15 years of living it and sweating it, the hottest time to visit Ambergris Caye is September and October.  The temps are high, the humidity is higher and the wind can switch directions or die down altogether.  (You can see this VERY handy local weather site full of webcams and data – this year’s high temperature was October 3.  Actual temp 91.3F.)

We’ve had a lovely “fall” so far in San Pedro – mostly sun, rain at night…best of all NO STORMS.  But the whole country over the past few days has been keeping on eye on Julia.  She came into the Atlantic in the far south – almost in Venezuela – and that can be a bad sign.

As of now, it looks like she will stay to the south and hit Nicaragua as a Cat 1 Hurricane (forming later today), but it also means we will most likely see some wind and lots of rain over the weekend.

Our National Emergency Management Org (NEMO) just sent out a message:  From Chief MET:
Saturday October 8th. Latest forecast track is taking Julia further south. As a result dissipation over central America is becoming less likely. Looking like TS Julia will survive the trip across Nicaragua and enter the Pacific. Also speeding up with landfall on Nicaragua looking more like late tonight into early Sunday morning.
Threat to Belize remains the same. Heavy rainfall and flooding. Latest model forecast show about 2 to 4 inches today and about 4 to 6 inches tomorrow. Locally higher amounts are possible.

Here are some good sites to watch:  Always the National Hurricane Center, Tropical Tidbits (if you like to see all the models and projected paths – just pick “Western Atlantic” and press PLAY), Windfinder for the local weather report

#2 The Bridge

Construction crews are taking down the old bridge connecting San Pedro town to North Ambergris Caye.  When completed, there will be two cement and steel bridge – for two way traffic.  One side is complete, the other side is slated to be finished by year end.

Picture and lots of info being provided by San Pedro town Council – they are good to follow to keep up with information on the town

Old Bridge

#3  Big Daddy’s, Daddy’s Bar, Daddy Rocks…

I’ve been told many times that this spot – just north of Central Park in San Pedro – is/was the oldest bar on the island.  From the time I first visited the island – in 2006 – it’s been a nightclub…and a bit of a seedy one at times.  It has been closed since the pandemic and has a new owner…who is now tearing the nightclub down to make way for retail spaces.  Take a look at my pics from yesterday…

Big Daddy

The inside looked almost exactly like I remember from my last late-night visit in…maybe…2010?

Big Daddy's Nightclub 2022

Big Daddy's

The front side – the beach side – remains the same.  With a dive shop, a restaurant and a bar.  Everything with a fresh coat of paint.

Beach Front Big Daddy's

#4 Tiburon Rum Tasting Shop

Tiburon Rum was introduced in San Pedro in 2014/2015 with a big party at Red Ginger Restaurant.  A “White” party that starred a very impressive Johnny Depp look-alike.


Johnny Depp Tiburon

Yesterday they launched a new tasting room and shop in San Pedro.  They currently have one in Placencia Village – and it only made sense for the award-winning rum to also come to San Pedro.

Also great to see Alex working there!  He was one of the first people I met when I visited Belize – he was…a tween then?

Alex at Tiburon

It’s in one of my favorite buildings in town – I need to find more information on this beautiful wooden building on the corner of Front Street next to Belize Bank!  This old building has a new owner and is getting a thorough face-life.

Colonial Building san Pedro Belize

For more on the shop and Tiburon Rum – check out their website and Facebook page.

I can really get going when I start telling you about changes in town…I have more but I’ll save them for another day.

#5 Getting Closer to Citizenship

Wednesday afternoon I went to the Immigration Office in San Pedro to (hopefully) submit my Application for Citizenship in Belize.  I knew that there might be some issues but I walked out with a packet covered in tape flags and riddled with post-it notes.

My appication

There was no line at all, so I walked right in.  The immigration officer was great – so helpful and thorough.  All in all, it took about an hour.

I need to buy 3-$1.50 stamps at the post office, a legal manilla envelope, get bank statements, an additional signature from the Justice of the Peace; I forgot my yellow card from the Polyclinic identifying me as Tuberculosis-free and official declarations from Jeff (certified by a JP) that I live in his home…etc etc etc.  The process continues!

She gave me a 95% grade on what I’d done so apparently no one gets it on the first try.

My trip to the Polyclinic – 3 trips actually – was the most time consuming part of it all.

I will return Tuesday and then my interview, she says, can be scheduled the next day.  AND the interviews for my “referees” – my 2 Belizean-born citizens that will vouch for me.

I’ve got this.  I HOPE!

That’s it for now. Have a safe, dry weekend.

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