Quick Bites: Amazing Birria Tacos at Big Taste

Yesterday a friend posted a picture of tacos on Instagram…crispy-fried, surrounded by dipping sauces, bursting with cheese – and for most of my morning, I couldn’t think of anything else.  Birria tacos at Big Taste in San Pedro.


Birria Tacos in San Pedro I’d never been to the small deli located between Middle and Back Street – and I didn’t know precisely what birria means, but I had to have them.

A bit of googlin’ and I found out that I am very late to the birria party.

Birria has been A THING recently.  Apparently, birria was THE taco trend in the US in 2020 (or at least this articles tells me that is true) and then it swept Tiktok in 2021 (the New York Times writes about that)

Birria – pronounced beer-ee-ya is Mexican stewed meat – usually goat or lamb mutton or beef – cooked for a long period with spices and chilis. It’s originally from the Mexican state of Jalisco.   Jalisco, along with birria, is the home of tequila, mariachi and ranchero music.

I’ve never tried it; the tacos look amazing -let’s head to Big Taste.  Yesterday morning wasn’t the most beautiful – dark and cloudy, it started drizzling as soon as we sat down…

Big Taste deli

Big Taste

A cute open area place draped with bright-colored fabrics…we went in to order the Birria tacos.

Menu Big Taste

But they have lots of tasty things on the menu…meats like pork carnitas and carne asada.  Cochita pibil – a Yucatan/Belizean favorite.  Roasted tender pork in a zippy citrus and anatto marinade.  I’m trying that next…

Tortas – sandwiches, parilladas – which I had to ask about.  Parilla or parrilada is an Argentine term for grill.  Big Taste does a large plate with ribs, chicken and/or beef, potato, chimichurri sauce, refried beans, corn tortillas and green salad.  That’s going on my list too.  Ribs I think…

Inside Big Taste


The corn tortillas are dipped into the “birria broth” and placed on a flat top to crisp…cheese is added (mozzarella I believe) and then cooked until crisp around the edges.  The shredded meat and then voile!

We got chipotle crema, an avocado cream, hot hot hot sauce, fresh chopped onion and cilantro with lime and 2 big tubs of the birria broth/grease/goodness for dipping.  Separate the tortillas and stuff the toppings right in there.  Pour some broth on (they are tough to dip) and…

Birria leftovers

$16bzd…and these things are DEEEElicious.  The fresh onion, lime and cilantro really make them extra great.

The meat is not too spicy, but you can taste…what we identified as “kinda like Chinese 5-spice” in the sauce.  I think, in this recipe, there is a bit of clove.  It just gives it that warm…earthy…hard to describe tastiness.

Traditional birria recipes have most of these spices – but different areas and families add and subtract as they like:  Cinnamon, cloves, cumin, dried chilis like ancho and guajillo, bay leaves, Mexican oregano, garlic…and then it is cooked for hours and hours.  All subtle spices but man, it is delicious.

And the crunchy brown cheese around the edges…best part.

I suggest you get over there – and let me know what you think.  If you craving Mexican style tacos – this place is so great.  Thank you to Mikaela and Toshi for posting your pics on Instagram and luring me in.

Check out Big Taste’s facebook page – they have lots of pictures of the food and information on the restaurant.

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