SAGA Humane Society’s 17th Annual HUGE Halloween Fundraiser

San Pedro’s Humane Society – SAGA – hosted its 17th Annual (with a 2-year pandemic break) huge Halloween fundraising bash.  With a great party – with dogs stuffed into super cute costumes – with lots of food and prizes and donations and drink – at Toast Beach Bar.  And…it was VERY well attended by animals and very very cool dogs.

Wait a second…hold up!  Why has it taken you so long to share this SanPedroScoop?  It’s November 8th!

Thanks for asking…I’ve been scrambling to get my book finished…there’s been a Hurricane and…I figured those of you in the USA could use some pictures of cute dogs amidst the flurry of angry, angry campaign ads and Election Day madness.  So…here they are.  For more great pictures of the event – see Will’s Facebook feed…he took lots!

Plus, I have attended so many SAGA parties…I need to continue with my historical record -an archive.

Dog Superman

And then 2020 and 2021 were canceled for COVID.

To donate to SAGA and help with the care and then, hopefully, adoption of so many great island animals, please go to their website.  They do amazing work.

Toast is located about 2 miles south of San Pedro town right on the beach.  When I first moved here (15 years ago) – it was called Fido’s South.

Toast San Pedro

Every year, this guy comes out to stand at the entrance.  I wonder where he is stored the other 364 days of the year…

Great decorations…

Creepy pumpkin guy

And some of the amazing team that organizes this party each year.  It is SOOOO much work.

SAGA volunteers

And the amazing sponsors – all donated something to be raffled or auctioned.

Raffle Sponsors

Halloween classics like bobbing for apples.

BObbing for Apples

The pool next door…

And then the beach view!

To the dogs!  None of them looked amused.

All so well behaved.  I don’t have the guts to bring our dogs to this event.

My personal fave.  I’m a sucker for homemade costumes and baked potato pugs.

Dog baked potato

The bar was hopping, the party was packed and I hope they raised tons and tons of money for the event.  What good natured animals.

That’s it from me.  Americans, get out and vote!

And happy belated Halloween.

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