Driving Way North on Ambergris Caye

We take this ride together a few times a year – driving north on Ambergris Caye.  Jeff does it way more often than I do – or at least as much as he can – to do some catch-and-release flyfishing.

Rocky Point Ambergris Caye

You can get lots more information on DIY flying fishing on Ambergris Caye in my book – Jeff wrote a chapter about the subject.

Beach at Robles Point

And here is more information from the last time we went up and I took a bunch of pics – January of this year:  Driving Up North On Ambergris Caye: El Secreto Resort (RIP), the New Margaritaville and Tranquility Bay Resort

Here we go… the same route but we went a little farther north, and man…it was a gorgeous day.

The sign at about 9 or 10 miles north – just as you pass the bar/restaurant called Chat n Chill.

Sign for Tranquility Bay

Note:  It’s impossible not to mention the plastic on the beach…there is a bunch of it.  Much of it looks like it’s been in the water for a long time…I saw some marked Made in Columbia and Haiti and Jamaica and Mexico and Guatemala and Belize.  On all this unpopulated beachfront, it can be a bit shocking.  And absolutely depressing.

But other than that, the beaches looked pretty good – we have not been seeing much sargasso seaweed for the last few months.  And the water was gorgeous.

El Norte Beach Bar.

Sign for El Norte Bar

And then, about 1 mile more at Mile 11-ish, the old luxury resort El Secreto.  I’ve posted pictures of it over the years…after it was abandoned and is falling apart.  2018 – just closed and still quite beautiful.

I believe they opened in 2012…and there were iPad controls in every room – it was LUXURY.

Now falling back into the bush.

El Secreto Collapsing

Palapa at El Secreto

Beach North

A flock of Yucatan jays was screaming in the roadside trees.  They are AMAZING.  Jet black with the bluest of blue wings that glint in the sun. And only found on the Yucatan peninsula.

We kept going…at about 13 miles north, Margaritaville is being completed.  With all the Margaritaville fixings.  Like the giant flip-flop!

Giant Flip Flop


Margaritaville condos

Pool at Margaritaville

The bar looks pretty cool.

Margaritaville Bar

Onward!  A last look at the Margaritaville dock through the mangroves.

Dock at Margaritaville

And then the last proper hotel as you head north – Tranquility Bay.

I took a few quick pics but we were headed a bit farther north.

Tranquility Bay Belize

Signs up for turtle nesting and that indicate that much of this area is Bacalar Chico national reserve.

Robles Point

And in a bit…Jeff and his friend Wil wanted to do a bit of wading…we found the most beautiful spot.

Where the reef meets the land…

Brush Robles Point

Rocky Point

Rocky Point

Pools at Rocky Point

Pools Rocky Point

I took about 100 more but I’ll stop there…just so pretty!  We were up there for about an hour and headed back to Tranquility Bay for some lunch.  I’ve never seen the place so crowded – there were at least 8 or 9 tour boats all getting lunch.

Tranquility Bay Dock

Restaurant Tranquility Bay

View from our table

Just a glorious day.

Diving Boat at Tranquility Bay

And then maybe my favorite view – the conch platter!  Fritters and fingers and ceviche…

Conch Platter


That’s all from our ride north – I hope you enjoy the pictures and enjoy Christmas.  If it helps…it’s cold here.  I mean relatively…grey and in the low 70s is COLD in Belize.


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