Snapshot from These Past Few Weeks & Some Upcoming Events

Do you ever feel like you have 1001 things going on…a huge to-do list…and you only make it worse by not getting ANY of those things finished?  A little work here…a little work there…perhaps start something totally new…but no actual completion.

That’s where I am.  Scattered.  SO…rather than write a cohesive blog – that seems far beyond my reach this morning – I’ll share some snapshots from the last few weeks.  And some events coming up on the island.

Ones that I may have shared on social media but not on my blog.  Hard to believe that there are many people who are not on Facebook and Instagram.  My heroes!

Photos from another golf cart ride up north – we took a very pretty long drive at the end of December

Drive north

The dock at Margaritaville – looks like it is opening soon.  The website allows bookings in mid-March.

Dock at Margaritaville

Tranquility Bay Resort

The view inside at Tranquility Bay Resort

View Tacklebox

It seems like many people are taking day boat trips up north with tour companies – a beach BBQ day is always super fun.  Here are some of the tour boats we saw…

Tour boats

I’m always screaming STOOOOP at Jeff (the driver) when I catch a view like this…

Fishing flat

Or perhaps this one…

Rocky Point Views

A pink home way up north – it’s a pretty one.  I actually attended a Bocce Ball Party there years ago.  Absolutely gorgeous area.  It was 2013 – way before you could golf cart up here.

And some pics from town…things are busy and the weather?  Perfection.

Tino, my favorite BBQ guy and friend

Tino on the BBQ

Front Street San Pedro views

Front Street Views

Rainbow bags

The beach area by Mayan Princess Hotel.

And a sign that makes me wonder about men.  And grammar.

No Pissing Sign


And then some pictures from my times at Cayo Frances Farm and Fly.   I try to get up here to visit a very busy Jeff for 2 nights a week.  Plus…it’s the dogs favorite spot on earth.   They can run free and terrorize small critters.

No…the dogs did not catch the lobster.


They can also warm up at the camp – running around and lying in the sun.  These potlickers are rendered into big babies when temps dip below about 75F.

Mocha sleeping in her blankie.

I could go on and on!

About our “new” camp cart – we are now officially a 2-cart family and it feels luxurious and fantastic!

Look at these fancy pants seats!  Hole-free and everything!

I’ll wrap it up with a few upcoming events.

First Responders Fundraiser

Starting at 4 pm, silent auction, live music, drinks and food, and much more!
First time only fire & police calendar for sale.
Live auction – Win a date with one of our Fire or Police personnel. Highest bidder wins

LOVE this initiative.  Bringing our fire and police force and the community together.  Showing support.

The 11th Annual BBQ Rib COOK-OFF at Estel’s Dine by Sea

This event is a PARTY.  Music, food, a crowd.  And I was JUST asked to be a judge again!  WOOOOHOOO!  Check out the last time I attended and get your tickets!

Estel's BBQ cook-off

And…Kelly McGuire is coming to town.

This very popular Texas performer comes every year for his birthday and his Trop-Rock-Belize songs are favorites down here.  Even if it’s not your kind of music – his shows are very fun.  I’ve been attending the shows for YEARS — take a look at all of these posts.

Here are some of the concert dates I’ve seen so far (Check for updates on his FB page)

Feb 2 TBA
Feb 4: Lighthouse Beach Resort 5-9pm
Feb 5:  Lighthouse Beach SACNW Fundraiser Neighborhood Watch 1-5pm
Feb 6:  Palapa Bar 6pm
Feb 8:  Palapa Bar 6pm
Feb 9:  TBA
Feb 12: Palapa Bar Pre Superbowl 2-5pm
My favorite photo of him – when I caught him getting a parking ticket a few years ago…
Kelly McGuire Parking Ticket
PHew!  I’m going to leave it there. And try to knock off one thing from my to-do list today.  Just one.
Chihuahua Crossing


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