Events in February 2023 on Ambergris Caye Including Carnaval

So…yesterday afternoon I published my post on Estel’s amazing Rib Cook-Off and I quickly received a slew of emails and messages saying “I didn’t even know that was happening!?!”  And questions about WHERE you can find out about events on Ambergris Caye.

Central Park View

The answer is not necessarily a simple one:  Facebook.

Following every business and just trying to keep up.  During most of the year, that feels doable, at least to me.  But this busy season?  End of December, January, February, and March?  It can be almost impossible.  I often hear of things way after they happened!

So I’m going to try to compile a list for 2023 February…and then maybe I can add on as I see new things.  Please message me if you know something I don’t know!

Also:  February has perhaps the best weather of the year in Belize.  Not too hot…high 70s, very low 80s.  Sun, sun, barely ever rain.  And perhaps a bit of a mid-70s “chill” at night.

Lobster is in season until Feb 15 and Conch (my favorite of the two) is fully in season!

Here are some of my favorite ways to eat Conch

Kelly McGuire, an artist from Texas who has been coming down to celebrate his birthday with island friends for well over a decade, is back!  Here is the schedule where you can see him play.  Definitely try to make it to the Humane Society fundraiser – it’s such a good time.

EVENTS in February

Kelly McGuire Live Shows

February 5, Sunday

Here’s the event link for this fundraiser- a big raffle!

February 6, Monday

6 – 9pm, Kelly McGuire Birthday Bash & Saga Fundraiser at Palapa Bar

This is SUCH a fun event.  Try to be there.  Here’s one I attended HOLY MOLY…TEN YEARS AGO!

February 8, Wednesday

First date for Chris Andreucci at Loser’s Bar in Boca Del Rio

Gabe Walsh

February 11, Saturday

18th Annual Sidewalk Festival in my favorite, super cute village 

I went in 2014 and I’m dying to get back down there!  (I’m looking at this old post and seeing all the things I shoulda bought.  The stained glass!  The paintings!)

I still have 9 more days…maybe I can figure this out…

February 12, Sunday

Apparently, there is some football game on TV but also…

Chili Cook-Off at NautiCrab at 4pm (more event details)

Chili Cook-off

February 12, Monday

What a fun idea!  Frenchy’s Restaurant is doing a mixer just before Valentine’s Day. Even if you don’t find someone….a drink, yummy appetizers and live music comes with your ticket. See their Facebook page for more information.

February 14, Wednesday

Valentines Day!  And, in my opinion, the phrase “I don’t believe in Valentines Day” translates into “I’m a cheapskate with no imagination”.  Harsh?  Perhaps.  But just a small box of chocolates from the amazing Belize Chocolate Company or taking your friend or partner to dinner…it’s worth a million bucks.  Even a silly stuffed animal!  It really is the thought that is so huge.

I’ve seen Valentines Menu’s from these restaurants.

The sunset view at Purple Pelican Restaurant – dreamy.

Purple Pelican

Rain Restaurant at Grand Caribe (just ate there a month or so ago and it’s fantastic)

February 15, Wednesday

Chris Andreucci starts playing at Losers’ Bar in Boca Del Rio.  Check their Facebook page for updates on times and dates.

Chris Andreucci

February 18, Saturday (MOVED TO FEBRUARY 25!)

4-6pm at Truck Stop (tickets required in advance)  – The 3rd Annual Potlicker Dog Show

Read about last year’s event, find out why potlickers are the best “breed in the world” and see lots of pictures here.

Potlicker Dog Show

CARNAVAL, Saturday, February 18 – Fat Tuesday, Feb 21

Carnaval in San Pedro is one of the most unique events that take place on the island.  It’s the same time as Mardi Gras in New Orleans or Carnival in Rio but San Pedro gives it lots of local flare.

Late in the afternoons, people fill up squeeze bottles with paint (mixed with water) and…let it fly.  The activity generally stays on the Front Street of town and, for adults, Tuesday is the day to join in.

Paint for sale

See pictures from past Carnavals.  Sunday is for young kids, Monday for teens and Tuesday for all.

February 25, Saturday

Poker Run for the Amazing Triple R

A great way to meet people, possibly win money, probably get very tipsy and raise money for an AMAZING group.  You GOT TO Know RRR:  Their Phone Number, What they Do and How you Can Support them

Please send me any special events that you know of!  And then I can keep this post up-to-date for the rest of the month.

THAT I can do.

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