Truck Stop’s 3rd Annual Potlicker Dog Show: Everyone’s A Winner

Yesterday afternoon, the Truck Stop staged the 3rd Annual Potlicker Dog Show to crown best in show.  Through donations, bar proceeds, and a silent auction, the event raised money for the incomparable SAGA Humane Society.  The first humane society in Belize; one that runs on donations to care for the thousands of animals on Ambergris Caye.  They are an amazing group.

And if you don’t know the Truck Stop, you probably haven’t visited the island…yet.  It’s a food truck park and a pool and a beer garden and ice cream spot live music venue and a place to play games and view the sunset and…it’s one of the most popular spots on Ambergris Caye.

Sunset at Truck Stop

And Potlickers?  They are a fantastic breed.  One I am still stunned that American Kennel Club and Westminister have not yet recognized.  Perhaps they are finding it hard to nail down the physical characteristics of the Belizean potlicker.  (Named because they are often fed the leftovers from the family rice & beans pot – in the Bahamas, they are called potcakes!)

But AKC?  I’ve done the work.  The Belizean Potlicker is not recognized for its physical characteristics…but for what’s on the INSIDE.  Someone clever said:  If you judge a book by its cover, you might be missing out on a great story.

Truth.  If we hadn’t taken a chance on a skinny, dusty potlicker found in Dangriga with a seriously wounded leg, we would have missed out on the dog of a lifetime.

Potlickers are loyal, so loyal, clever, and street-smart.  They understand Spanish, English and Kriol.  They are excellent judges of character (they read their owners like books) and have surprisingly human-like senses of humor.  And they are HARDY.  Potlickers scoff at dogs that can’t eat chicken bones.

And now to the show!  I got to be a judge again.  I think they are just asking me because a contestant peed on my bag during the first dog show during the event and probably got bonus points for comedy!  (You can see the video in this post – I thought he was going for my ice cream!)

Here are my pictures.

Truck Stop Dog Show

Sign for dog show

The cornhole and the ping pong and the games…

Cornhole at Truck Stop

The bar was busy and ALL proceeds were going to SAGA.  Hurray!


I spotted Maya immediately – she was practicing some tricks with Walter from SAGA.


Husky Shephard Mix


Potlicker Show 2023

This cutie was all dressed up for the show.  A potlicker visiting from pretty Sarteneja.  He’s got the cute-wonky legs that many potlickers in San Pedro have.  (I call them “San Pedro feet”)

Sarteneja potlicker

Beautiful Faith, Miss San Pedro was also judging.

Miss San Pedro


The course.

Dog show Course

The Score Sheet.  All potlickers.  One up for adoption now.  All super cute and very distracted by the crowd…

Amber the potlicker.

Potlicker Amber

Maya performing…thru the rings, on the ramp…past Temptation Alley – a green carpet lined with hot dog nuggets.

Helsinki is up for adoption!

Daphne…only 3 months old.

See what I mean when I say it is hard to characterize/codify the physical characteristics of a potlicker?  So far we have shepard/husky and some sort of cattle dog mix and a chocolate lab look alike and…it only diversifies from there…

After much coercing and many many many treats, it was over.  Maya was crowned Best in Show.  And everyone had a great time.

Super cute and some added advice:  Adopt a potlicker from SAGA.  You won’t be sorry.

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