A Look Inside the New Watermark Hotel on North Ambergris Caye

I’ve been driving past the construction for 5 or 6 years now…every day as the building grew higher and higher.  And finally, this past Easter weekend, The Watermark Hotel opened!  Located just a stone’s throw north of the San Pedro bridge, The Watermark is now the tallest building on the island.  But one or two are building up to meet it at 7 stories…

Yesterday, I stopped in to take a look around, and…spoiler alert:  I was surprised.  The simple white box-like exterior does not at all belie what is inside.  71 hotel rooms!

Assir, the lovely manager who has worked on the island in resort management for 25 years, showed me around.

The new development is situated on the southern end of a very large lot that has been mostly empty for decades.  Years ago, it was a landing area for skydiving groups that visited the island yearly.

There is plenty of parking.

Parking Spot

And the view from my parking spot.  The Mara Laguna development is just across the street.

I always gasp at the 2-story windows on the top floor because that’s what busybodies do.  Imagine trying to keep them clean!  An epic task.

First Floor Watermark

Up the stairs to the lobby.


Lobby of Watermark Hotel

And a gorgeous boutique next door.

Boutique at Watermark


There are two other sections on the ground floor – one, a modern lounge-y bar space that isn’t open yet and the next, the glassed-in corner space.  A restaurant is planning.

Into the elevator and to the top!  Where there is a rooftop pool and restaurant with THE most incredible view.  As if you could parasail with a cocktail.

Deck at Watermark

View from Watermark

There’s lots of decking and a pool on the south side.

Pool at Watermark

But this is NOT the top floor.  But wait…there’s more!

Up to…

Seventh Floor Watermark

The two penthouse units.  A one-bedroom and a two-bedroom are currently under construction…

But I HAD to see the view – on both sides.

View of town

View from Penthouse

And behind – over Mara Laguna (looks so tiny!) and all the way out to Cayo Rosario.

View over Mara Laguna

And the huge glasses in area will be a restaurant with a VERY high ceiling and crazy views.

Let’s go look at the rooms that are not penthouses.  Two floors are finished and ready to go.  38 rooms available – out of a total of 71!

The two bedroom sitting area.

Two bedroom

Spacious and pretty with a good-sized kitchen with a full-sized refrigerator.  Kitchenette?  (I never know what makes the two different…a toaster?  A dishwasher?  Here’s the non-answer)

And the studio/one bedroom.

Thank you guys for the lovely tour.  So interesting and unexpected!  The restaurant on top is open for lunch and dinner – or just drinks.  Stop in and check out this view!

And take a look at the hotel’s website – The Watermark Belize.

I headed out…

And stopped in just next door at one of my favorite spots on the island for a tub of homemade hummus and icy cold coconut water.  Bliss.






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