April Market at the Truck Stop & The Secret Beach Signs

Last Saturday the Truck Stop held its monthly Artists and Farmers Market on a blazing hot morning.

The temperature had not changed much from the day before – still in the mid-80s – but the wind had almost stopped and the humidity…goodness.  Summer is coming!  (For the most accurate weather forecasting for our island, see Windfinder)

I headed down for a quick stop at the Farmers’ Market – held from 11 to 2pm at The Truck Stop.

But first!  As I passed the junction at Secret Beach I noticed that ALLL those signs were gone.  The owner of the land is in town and removed them.  And left a nice wooden arrow to point you to Secret Beach.  I love the change!  That jumble of signs – some active, some broken down and faded – was…ugly.  (We wrote an April Fools post about the proliferation of signs on Ambergris Caye a few years back)

The new look…

Secret Beach Junction

The new sign points you to turn…

Secret Beach SIgn

To the Truck Stop!

I was there just as the restaurants and bar was opening but the market was in FULL SWING.

Truck Stop

Sign at Truck Stop

If there was a good day for ice cream – it was Saturday!

Cool Cone

The games area, still quiet.

Games area Truck Stop

The lagoon…and the lovely sunset dock.

Dock at Truck Stop

Now around the bend to the market.  Things are slowing down a bit from the busiest of the busy season.  A few less vendors, the crowds a bit smaller.  My theory is that many of the “snowbirds” have flown home to enjoy spring at their homes in the US and Canada.

How many snowbirds winter in San Pedro?  I don’t have an answer to that.  My guess – purely a guess – would be…between 500 and 1000 people.  Who stay on the caye from Christmas time to late March/Early April.  (Let me know if you have a more educated guess!)

The Truck Garden

I met the lovely ladies from Sweet Dolly’s Habanero Jelly.  Habanero jelly is magic with cream cheese or just about any cheese plate. SO GOOD.

Idolly Jams

You can also get fruits, veggies, meats, chicken at the market.  Very convenient to have it all in one spot. The ladies from Mrs Gotays Fruit and Veggie stand in Boca Del Rio.

Fruits and Veggies

Brooklyn Bagels has the key to my heart.  Warm soft pretzels AND they were making fresh meatball subs…YUM.

Brooklyn Bagel

This is what I was here for!  This SUPER CUTE pencil case/sunglasses case.  It has the most darling lime green calico in the mouth…and these little coral buttons.  Let me try to take a different picture.  Hand made – only $20bzd.  I love her.  From Caye to the Heart.

Whale shark sunglasses

And then plants galore from SeaGreen Design.  I got you a copy of their card.

They are located in San Pablo (near the south end of the air strip) and are open by appointment only.  They have some AMAZING plants.  Local favorites and others like Vanilla orchids and Eucalyptus…I wanted about 4000 of them.  I’m going to make an appointment to go check them out.

Sea Green Designs

An ash colored hibiscus

And so many great colors of Flaming Katy’s…again.  I want them all!

Homemade soaps and jewelry…I loved these beaded toucan earrings ($80bzd) by BeadedLuks.  Message her to order yours – they are so light!


I stopped by to say hi to Sophie and my way out.  I love her paintings and have two on pieces of wood.  I’ve been eyeballing these lovely pastel turtles – the pair would be so perfect over a bed.

Sophie Lisbey Forman

For more, check out her Facebook page – IslandArts Belize.

Phew!  HOT!  Time to pick up a few things, head on home and continue to work on my website.  It’s the job that never ends!

I hope you all had a great weekend.  More later this week!  I’m spending two nights in town…and I’ll be reporting back.


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