Lavish Habit Coffee Cafe in San Pedro

I love this super cute boutique-y name for a well-needed cafe in town.  One for good real coffee AND a cool comfortable fully Wi-Fi-ed spot to hang out in.  With some desserts and paninis.

Welcome to Lavish Habit.

Sold.  It helps a ton that it is REALLY cute.  (If you remember the small grocery store that used to be there, you will be SHOCKED).  And it’s owned and run by a SUPER cute couple.  Naomi, a San Pedrana and her boyfriend Raphael from Guatemala.

Lavish Habit Cafe

Note:  Belize is NOT known for coffee but Guatemala IS DEFINITELY!

Latte at Lavish Habit

You’ll really like Lavish Habit.  I think I’ll find myself here QUITE often – especially with a cold coffee drink in hand on hot summer days.

You can sit inside or…in the lovely little garden…

Garden at Lavish Habit

For hours and information, see their Facebook page for Lavish Habit Belize.

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