Snapshots from Early April on Ambergris Caye

The Easter week is officially over…and people are returning to work here in Belize.  I’ve been working on my new, improved website.  This current version of the site went live in 2013 and is on her last legs…but simplifying, categorizing, and updating has been a HHUUUGE project.  Finally, I see the light at the end of this tunnel.  It’s dim but it’s there.

Let me share with you my snapshots from the last few weeks.  The Easter winds have died down a bit…sargassum is in and out (today it is IN) but the water is sparkly clear.  It’s easiest just to tell you in photos.

This photo was taken Easter Sunday

Let’s start with the new signs ALL over the island.  From the Secret Beach junction (about 4 miles north) to a few miles south of town.

BE KIND sign

It’s a great message and if there is one thing you should remember during the day, it’s gotta be: BE KIND.  Great relationship advice, great self-care advice, it makes life so much easier and better to work on this one.

Be Kind Secret Beach

The person putting them all over the place…dozens…maybe more…is called “Dr. Fantastic“.  I have not run into him but if you see him around, PLEASE ask if he has a theme song to Shaggy’s Mr Bombastic.  I mean…COME ON!

I spent much of my last week at the camp – though I did stop in town for a few pics.  Early in the morning before the Easta madness!

Crosses in Central Park

The crosses from the passion play from Good Friday in the Central Park.

And in Boca Del Rio, the park was set up for a family fun day.

Boca Del Rio Easter

And my favorite BBQ guy in action.  Hi Tino!


And then to the camp.  Frannie riding with her bestie, Andress.  It was a beautiful couple of days.

Our young mango trees are budding away.  We’ve had the trees – the lemons, avocado and mango for almost 2 years now in bags.  (You can see them newly planted in this post)

So far we’ve gotten a few lemons from one tree – no avocado flowers or fruit – and 5 mangos last year.

This cool piece of pottery found on the property.  That’s gotta be corn, right?

While this beach is great for the dogs, the water (Part of the Cayo Frances Lagoon) here has a sludgy bottom and is never more than 2 feet deep.

This photo makes my mouth water.

And some pics from yesterday…gorgeous flowers.


And lunch at a newly named hotel called Hidden Jewel Boutique Hotel at about mile 4.5 north.  I’d never been there before.  It was built on a part of John McAfee’s (ick) old property a while ago but recently renamed.  A new owner I would think…

It looks lovely and the food at the restaurant was great.

They even have McAfee (ewww)’s old grand piano.

That’s it from me…I’m running late!  Have a fantastic day and I’ll talk to y’all later.

Still VERY pleased about this heavy plastic buoy I found a few days ago on the beach…

Plastic buoy on beach

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