Modern Diamante Beachfront Suites: In the Heart of San Pedro Town

Recently, I spent 2 lovely days and 2 nights at Diamante Beachfront Suites on Ambergris Caye. A huge, cool, modern, everything-I-need spot in town just steps away from the restaurants, bars, and dive shops. But once I was inside, I felt like I was far away from it all…

Bedroom view over the ocean

If you have read my blog or my book before, you will know that I LOVE walking around San Pedro – the only town on the island. But we live 8 miles north of town (considered by some to be “the boonies” or locally as “out in the bush”).

It is not that far away – about 35 minutes by golf cart. But I have always dreamed about living in the town center. Or maybe just having a tiny apartment right in San Pedro town – I’d call it a pied-d-terre when I was feeling fancy. I would never miss a parade. I could enjoy the town in the evening, watch the sunset by the lagoon, pop into a new restaurant for an appetizer or maybe just dessert…maybe even catch some live music at a local over-the-water bar.

Middle Street
Middle Street at sunset, San Pedro

So when I got invited to stay at Diamante Beachfront Suites, I was very happy to pick a date.

Diamante is located on the south end of town…a stone’s throw from the island’s airstrip and next door to one of our most popular restaurants, the Blue Water Grill. BWG has one of the most photographed signs in the country. The subject of MANY social media posts.

I Love Belize sign
The I LOVE BELIZE sign at Blue Water Grill

But let’s talk about Diamante. First show you inside the large 2-bedroom condo…and then a bit about the area. And then I can tell you how much I love San Pedro in the evening. There is so much to do in town.

Set right on the beach with parking behind it. You enter to the pool and THE view.

Pool at Diamante Condos
Looking back at Diamante

I was staying on the 2nd floor (on the left side of the photo above). There are wide, easy, open-air stairs and an elevator.

And into the condo. A good-sized bedroom with a view of the pool and the ocean – with a large bathroom across the hall. There is so much space in here!

The first bedroom

And then an absolutely gorgeous and enormous kitchen. Cabinetry for someone who REALLY cooks. And then some…

These counters would be so great for my baking! I could go into business with this kitchen.

Enormous kitchen
Living room and dining

Sliding doors out to the porch area – and heading into the master bedroom.


I spent a good amount of time on the couch out here – watching the sea: the water taxis come in…the dive boats and catamarans leaving in the morning for the trip to Caye Caulker. And then the school kids scurrying by on the beach…playing during their lunch hour. And I was perched up here. I absolutely love to watch the “traffic” in town.

Porch and view
The large master bedroom

Look what I found on the bookshelf – just next to the promotional material for the new and final section that is currently being built. Building E – four units – 3 bedrooms each and 3000 square feet!

Is this my pied-d-terre? I wish.

My book

It was well-used with personal notes from the owner. LOVE this.

Then thru the primary bedroom into a HUGE bathroom…with a two-person tub, a rain-like shower head set into an almost…snail shell of beautiful tiles. Two sinks – two totally different areas for getting ready.

Huge tiled primary bathroom
Beautiful shower
Bathroom tiles mirrored

I am not doing it justice – click thru here to see the professional shots of the beachfront suites.

Centrally cooled…with tiles that feel so good on your feet. It was so nice to come right in off the beach – or just from town – and…well…have a shower and a nap or just a cold drink. The ultimate luxury when in town!

Sadly, the beautiful kitchen went unused during my stay. (I didn’t have time to open a banana bread business) But that’s the fun of staying in town. I did use the coffee maker in the morning – and I used the refrigerator to store a diet coke or two. The water dispenser provided gave me cold water to drink.

But when I wanted breakfast – I could just pop over to the coffee shop for a latte. For lunch…the possibilities are endless. Crave something sweet? The Belize Chocolate Company is just a few doors down on the beach. I walked around in the evening and took lots of pictures – and ended up at the Blue Water Grill…right next door. (See San Pedro Town on a Beautiful Wednesday Evening)

Blue Water Grill in the evening

And just next door to Diamante Suites. How pretty does that look at night?

Diamante pool glowing at night

I had a fantastic stay. I would love to stay in town once or twice a month – I’m now getting the feeling that I am missing so much!

Lisa, the manager, is right next door – and easily reachable on WhatsApp if you have any questions, if you need any recommendations or tours booked.

I didn’t use my golf cart once – it was tucked away in the Diamante parking lot the whole time. I didn’t have to think about parking or the busy times of day in town…I just went out the door, walked down the stairs and I was in town. For the dive and snorkel shops, for the restaurants and ice cream shops and cafes…and if I got hot? I could pop right upstairs into my cool suite over the sea.

I love it. The next morning was warm and hazy and beautiful.

Dusty sunset

For more photos and information on Diamante (to stay or to get more information on the new building) – check out their website. It really is a lovely spot to enjoy San Pedro and the island.

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  1. Ebony on May 16th, 2023 at 10:39 pm

    Love your blog. Thanks so much for sharing as I’ve been looking forward to staying here and reading your blog as helped made that decision a MUST more than ever.

  2. Suemac on May 17th, 2023 at 10:03 am

    I miss the old San Pedro….no buildings higher then a coconut palm, crossing the cut on a “ferry” (a garage door on 55 gallon drums and pulled by a rope). Do they still do the chicken drop?

  3. bill on May 17th, 2023 at 8:17 pm

    I’ve been reading your blog for a couple of years maybe three, I don’t know how many. It seemed in the past as if you were content with the simple thrills and goodness of the island. You were content with all the native shops and eateries and raved about their menus. Looks as if you have gone corporate and lost that sense of togetherness with the town and the folks who you used to hang with. I’m just an old f-rt and love the simplicity you shared with us. I will continue to read your posts for maybe we will become expatriates.

    • San Pedro Scoop on May 18th, 2023 at 7:30 am

      I’ve always visited hotels and lodging when invited…or I’ve tried to. If only I was more corporate…I wouldn’t mind an assistant or two. Trust me when I tell you that my every day life is as simple (and maybe boring) as it gets. Hope you can make your expat dreams happen.

  4. Rebecca C on May 18th, 2023 at 7:27 am

    They do – though it’s not in the town center but they do!

  5. Quality J on May 18th, 2023 at 7:52 am

    I stayed on the 2nd floor suite there during Covid. It is simply breathtaking. Especially when then the wind blows on you in the pool at night time.

    My 2nd visit (last week) to Belize I stayed at Mahogany Bay Private Residence. I working on closing on a condo at Alaia this week.

    I Just came across this blog. Thanks for Your insights🤍

    • San Pedro Scoop on May 19th, 2023 at 8:14 am

      Congratulations on your condo – that’s super exciting 🙂

  6. Jodi on June 10th, 2023 at 11:00 am

    Wow. SO beautiful. I walked by a couple times on the beach last month and loved the purple paint on the bottom floor. Inside is so fancy! And lovely. Great post. 🙂