My Week in Pictures & Some Island News

Good morning from San Pedro, Belize,

While I work on my blog post about my stay at Diamante Belize in downtown San Pedro and on fixing, tweaking, and adding to my new website, I thought I’d share some pictures from my week so far and some updates on some news, things I’ve been hearing and an early end to conch season. So let’s get into it.

If you are asking yourself: What is the weather like in San Pedro in the beginning of May? The answer is: DRY (we haven’t had rain in a month or so, it’s quite dusty and dry), sunny, hot with a bit of haze, generally in the morning. I always point people to this website for relatively accurate near-term weather.

Our week started at the camp.

Our boats

Jeff was hosting a very fun group from Colorado who were going out with both guides and doing some DIY fishing. One guest caught this wading! Love the look on his face.

Gorgeous DIY Permit

And another, one of the founders of Spirit Hound, took this crazy great picture of our Frannie. I fully expect them to send a chartered plane for her soon. I mean…of course they need a banana terrier and Belizean potlicker as their poster girl. Look for her on billboards near you – I mean after extensive meetings with her agent.

Frannie and Spirit Hound

Fruit season is here. We are starting to see Belizean mangos for sale around the island. And delicious mamey. And soursop. Some of my favorites.

Box on Thunderbolt
Mamey and Mango

When you only get certain fruits for one or two or three months a year, I think they taste even more delicious.

The trees on the mainland are filled with fruits but most don’t grow on the island. So we are particularly lucky to have a friend in beautiful Sarteneja. Hi Peter! Thank you sooo much for the delicious mangos and mamey. I’m eating some as I type. (Here’s my last trip to Sarteneja, we need to get back!)

Cut mamey and mango

And then pictures around town -my favorite pictures to take.

Meat D Fish
A cute little spot at Ambergris Sunset Hotel

Some Middle Street businesses…

Middle Street Caramba

Saul’s Cigar and Coffee Shop – a great spot to stop in and cool off.

Sauls Cigar Shop

Or grab some frozen custard across the street.

Custard King

And Caliente just 2 blocks away with a beautiful lagoon view. (Our most recent lunch at Caliente)

Caliente Restaurant entrance

I’ve been admiring this blue heron who has been hanging out back there. Why fish when you can eat free scraps from the fishermen? Now he is perched on a dock or a boat all day…waiting…

Blue Heron

And then, of course, the bridge back home. It’s been painted a lovely shade of blue. (You can see pictures of the old and new bridge here)


Farther north, we passed a very cute mother and child chachalaca pair. (Perfect because Mothers’ Day in Belize was yesterday – May 10th…don’t ask me why!)

Chacalaca mother

A quick photo of Frannie in the wild.

Frannie on the beach path

Headed over to her favorite area to chase squirrels.

Coconut grove at Tuto
A handful of the hundreds of coconut trees at Tuto Belize

And now to the news.

Conch Season is ending early. That is usual – it generally closes in May or even late April once the quotas have been met. Announced Conch Season closure is June 30th to October 1st. (And remember that Lobster Season in Belize opens July 1st to February 28th (or 29th – next year is a leap year)

Conch at Elvi's Kitchen

My beloved Ak’Bol Yoga and Eco Resort has sold to new owners. It has been for sale for a few years now – and the previous owners were amazing. They built the spot…20 years ago? The amazing dock, the amazing yoga, the welcoming restaurant and beach bar. Best swimming dock on the island. You guys will be missed. Congratulations and all the luck and love for your new adventures.

Akbol Restaurant

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  1. David Martin on May 11th, 2023 at 2:18 pm

    OMDog – Frannie the Spirit Hound – so adorable and her eyes match the whiskey!

  2. Les Dooley on May 11th, 2023 at 3:07 pm

    Frannie is so precious! Can’t wait to meet all of you when I get there.

  3. Larry Gilstrap on May 12th, 2023 at 10:50 am

    How long is Mamey in season for? I’d like to try it when we arrive at the beginning of June…which is only a few weeks from now.