Artisan Market Pops Up Next to the Very Tasty Patz’s Deli

Yesterday, two of my favorite things in the world aligned just south of San Pedro: a great sandwich and talented folks selling crafts. A handful of talented artists, May 25, 10 am to 2 pm at “The Commons”.

Sophie Lisbey's art on display
Sophie’s beautiful tropical art

It was perfect timing since the much larger monthly market at The Truck Stop had taken a month off. (See the Jan Truck Stop Market here) It will return on Saturday, June 15th, and Saturday, July 6th, during Ambergris Caye’s Lobster Festival.

It was a pretty day – another hot one! I snapped this picture the prettiest property at about 6.5 north, Ambergris Caye on my way to town.

Swing in an almond tree
Swing in an almond tree – and the view out to Mexico Rocks snorkeling area

And continued south of town to check out the art (food, jewelry, paintings, bags) and to visit Patz’s for the first time. All the while, daydreaming about pastrami and Italian subs.

The Commons
The area called the Commons about 1/4 mile south of Ramon’s Village

The Commons is a small group of businesses in and next to this building. Frenchy’s Restaurant is just next door.

Entrance to the Commons

A colorful shady area…with lots of fun art.

The sings at the Commons

Buddha Tattoo and Piercing is set up permanently in the back corner – such a cute spot, too.

Buddha Tattoo
Buddha Tattoo and Piercing

Let’s check out the vendors. Heather from Caye 2 The Heart bags has such great little pouches and custom bags. I LOVE the whale shark pouch I bought a few months ago. Heather’s lived on the island for 12 years.

Sunglasses holders
I love these little pencil pouches/sunglasses holders/whale sharks
Pouches and bags
Look at all of this fun stuff

Then I circled around to Sophie, born and raised in San Pedro, of IslandArt Belize. I love her bird painting and the octopus paintings…the colors are so beautiful.

Sophie and her paintings

A closer pic of 2 that were already sold!

Pretty paintings of flowers and a parrot

And then Veronique, a resident of San Pedro for 29 years (originally from France) – who makes beautiful jewelry and often sells it at resorts on the island.

French jeweler silver

The lovely mom and daughter team from Ambergris Sausage Factory. If you want good meats, lunch meats, bacon, sausages….they are the ones to talk to. (We are at their shop – just across the way from the Alaia Resort – about once a week)

Mom came to the island 19 years ago from Belize City – when her daughter was only 5 months old.

Sausage Factory

And then Cindy who I met when I first visited San Pedro in August of 2006. She had JUST moved to the island a few months before (in January 2006 from the UK)

She runs a business called The Lunchbox that you will want to follow. She makes dips, hummus, cakes, soups and pre-made food like Chili and Shephard’s Pie and Lasagne and…everything you want to eat but are too lazy (or HOT) to cook.

Cindy's backside
Cindy’s backside 🙂
All the dips for tasting
A rainbow of dips and sauces
LUnchbox Menu
Offerings from The LunchBox
Pickles and peanut butter
Pickles and organic peanut butter and all the stuff

It’s hot looking at all this pretty stuff. I headed into the shaded area of Patz’s Deli. People have been recommending Patz’s to me for a while and I’m glad I finally made it down. Like I mentioned above…I love a good sandwich.

Belize is a large hot lunch country – usually a huge plate of rice and beans with stewed chicken or a hearty soup with lots of coconut rice. And I’ve grown used to that. Unlike in the US, lunch is generally the biggest meal of the day. BUT…especially on a hot day, sometimes I just love a sandwich.

If you don’t know about delicious Belizean food, stop right now and read My Guide to the Cuisine of Belize. (Spoiler: It’s SOOO good)

The shady porch at Patz
Shady eating area at Patz

The menu is extensive! I was really torn between an Italian, a Cuban and a Reuben.

Patz Menu

I chatted with Mike, the owner. He is from Oklahoma and was laid off from 18-year his job at AT&T during the beginning of the Pandemic. AND…he took a risk and moved to Belize. (You can read more about it in this article from International Living: From Jobless to Tropical Island Dream)

A glass of ice water
He brought me a glass of ice water

He’s a lovely guy and recommended the Reuben (I was taking it to go…) and it was….delicious. Eaten before I took a single photo. And exactly what I wanted when I got home to my AC.

They are open for breakfast and lunch. It’s a lovely little spot. I’ll be back for the Italian sub. For sure.

That’s all from me. I hope you are all having a fantastic weekend.

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  1. tina on May 26th, 2024 at 10:44 am

    hi rebecca

    how can i stay up to date on activities events and all things ambergris caye? thanks

    • tina on May 26th, 2024 at 12:29 pm

      hi rebecca

      can you recommend a starting point to how to start a business in belize on the cayes and mainland

      • San Pedro Scoop on May 28th, 2024 at 7:36 am

        I think it’s moving here – for at least a full year (cycle of seasons) and seeing what you think that the place needs. Small business is TOUGH anywhere and I’d say tougher here with the seasonality and different culture. I wish I had a better answer!

  2. David Martin on May 26th, 2024 at 11:26 am

    Great post. Patz looks delicious. I’ll have the Cuban, thank you. The link to how Mike bought the deli is a great, happy story. But I bet for every success in Paradise story like this – there’s one or two that aren’t…

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