Why I think You Should be Advertising on SanPedroScoop.com

But first… some background on our site…

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After living in Belize for 5 years, I started San Pedro Scoop in June of 2011 as a daily account of my life on Ambergris Caye. My aspirations were pretty limited. Make it fun, readable and informative.  Keep me busy.  And hopefully it might be something that would be interesting to more than just my mom.

And then the feedback, the questions and comments started trickling (and then pouring) in.  I was and am spending about an hour each morning just answering readers’ emails. Clearly people were looking for opinions, for feedback, for honest advice planning their vacations or even their relocation… and it wasn’t just questions about Ambergris Caye but the whole country of Belize. Jungle or beach? Ambergris Caye or Hopkins?  Where should I stay?  What should I do?  It got me thinking…

New look, new ideas, new content…

Screenshot of San Pedro ScoopI decided to take a jump forward and broaden SanPedroScoop.com to cover all of Belize. It now contains restaurant, hotel and bar information, reviews, tour descriptions, the island’s only updated event calendar and new information is being added each week. Lots of it. I am still getting questions and still giving out opinions… just on a broader scale.

My new partner in technology (Chris) and I spent a good amount of time designing the new site. Polished but not too polished. Professional but easy to navigate, accessible and fun. A site that makes it clear that this is a daily blog first (I’ll explain why that’s important to me) and then lots more…

Where else can you find a website written in Belize about Belize, that’s updated almost daily, with original content (no copying and pasting here), honest opinions, and genuine experiences that readers look for when deciding where to go and what to do on their vacation?

San Pedro Scoop – An Opinionated Guide to Belize offers exactly this, and gives you the opportunity to connect with international readers that have been (or will be) bitten by the Belizean bug and are looking for new ways to experience this beautiful little country we call home.

Who are We Attracting Anyway?

Here are how my readers are skewed…broadly, they fall into two groups:

Audience Demographics
Audience Demographics for The San Pedro Scoop – June 2016 (Source: Quantcast)

The other group is people that have never visited Belize but are either exploring ideas, organizing a destination wedding or actively planning their trip to Belize. They want a bit of inspiration, beautiful pictures and lots and lots of recommendations.  No other websites (not the news sources or message boards) are talking and responding to these visitors in such an accessible and “real time” way.

Which is why it was important for us to keep the site “blog driven”.  More and more travelers are turning to blogs to make purchase decisions of all kinds.  It’s way too easy to have a site that portrays Belize as all sunshine and “crystal clear blue water” but it’s the positive with a sprinkling of the negative that people want to see…the sincerity and realness makes my blog and recommendations believable; and it’s what my readers appreciate.

Or at least that is what they are telling me…

We are Built for Mobile

Built for MobileThis is surprisingly important (or at least that is what Chris tells me).  It’s 2013! From iPhones to tablets, more and more readers are accessing the Web through “alternative methods”.

In fact, over 1/3 of our readers aren’t on their PCs.

This site is built to be fully responsive, it will resize and adjust itself to fit neatly into any device so that it is readable, accessible and easy to navigate.

We Are Not Just Selling Ad Space…We Can Do More.

I want to help promote your business from more than just one angle. Yes, I want to sell you an ad (or four if you’re up for it) on the site. But we also want to help you customize it to make it eye catching… something people will want to click on. I want to make your business part of “the conversation”… in Belize and outside of it.

Influencer marketing is REAL

Are you having a new Wednesday tapas night at your restaurant? I want to talk about it on my facebook page (where lots of readers interact), let people on Twitter know it’s happening, invite visitors in town to join me there and I want to take pictures and blog about it the next day.

Facebook followers:  6,800+   Twitter followers:  3,500+   Instagram followers:  4,000+

Is your company starting up a new trip to go horseback riding in Cayo? I want to go on that trip (of course I do!) and get readers excited about it. I want to recommend your company when readers ask me for ideas for their next vacation.

Own a charter sailing company?  Own a beach house that you want to rent out?  Well…you get the picture…

I make my intentions clear on the front page of my site with this message.  Honestly…I mean it!

More to Come…

This is more than just a new beginning… it’s the start of more to come. Our goal is to expand in a variety of ways to offer our readers new ideas, insights, travel coupons and opinions from all angles and all aspects of travel in Belize.

We’ve got LOTS of ideas:  Real Estate, Weddings in Belize, Scoupons (get it?), a reader forum…and more.

We also want to give your business greater opportunities to connect with our readers and provide them with your promotions, special events, deals and discounts.

I think you get what I am saying. You know why your business rocks, I want make sure I know why it rocks… and then get everyone else thinking and talking about it.

The Very Pertinent Stats

Visitor Statistics (30 days – Updated July 17, 2016)

Visitors Statistics for The San Pedro Scoop - June 2016
Visitors Statistics for The San Pedro Scoop – June – July 2016

In-Market Audience Interests (All Categories)

In-Market Audience Statistics for The San Pedro Scoop - June - July 2016
In-Market Audience Statistics for The San Pedro Scoop – June – July 2016

In-Market Audience Interests (Travel)

In-Market Audience Statistics for The San Pedro Scoop - June - July 2016
In-Market Audience Statistics (Travel) for The San Pedro Scoop – June – July 2016

In-Market Audience Interests (Real Estate)

In-Market Audience Statistics for The San Pedro Scoop - June - July 2016
In-Market Audience Statistics (Real Estate) for The San Pedro Scoop – June – July 2016

Convinced? Email me at [email protected] or call me, Rebecca, at 605-4347 to find out about rates, options, to set up a meeting or all three.


I originally set out to show all sides of life on the island of Ambergris Caye and now it’s time to expand to the amazing country of Belize. There is so much to see in this country…so much to get excited about…let’s get everyone involved!