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Things that Made Me VERY Happy To Live in Belize This Week

Aside from the holiday season, February may be the most popular time of year for visitors coming to Belize.  Who can blame them?  It’s RIDICULOUSLY cold in much of the US and Canada, the weather here is gorgeous and there is a ton going on. I focused on some negatives this week – like thatKeep reading »

Monday On The GORGEOUS Leeward Side of Ambergris Caye

Everyone who visits Ambergris Caye sees the barrier reef that lines the eastern side of the island.   And the BEAUTIFUL sea… Astrum helicopter view of the Hol Chan cut in the reef and snorkel site. But while the caye is often describe in travel books as a thin sandy strip, it’s actually not thatKeep reading »

Saturday Snapshots: Pictures of My Week in Belize

I went from Maya Beach, Placencia back to Ambergris Caye over the past week and took tons of pictures in between.  Some published on my blog…some on Twitter, Facebook or Instagram (or all three)… Here are my snapshots (mostly on my IPhone 4s) around Belize. The beautiful beach on the Placencia Peninsula – between the BelizeKeep reading »

This Morning is GORGEOUS: Perfect for Urban Bird Watching in San Pedro With Belize’s Audubon Society

Belize’s National Audubon Society was formed in 1969 and has, as their website states, “made Belize a model of a developing country with an environmental consciousness” – through education, legislation and environmental protection. For the past few years, they have set out to show that bird watching is not just for completely untouched habitats like ourKeep reading »

What Do You Get a Harpy Eagle for His Birthday? A Party at the Belize Zoo

The Belize Zoo celebrates birthdays for the ambassador animals – the animals that are used to showcase the beauty and the importance of conservation in Belize.  Earlier this year, I celebrated handsome Fuego the Tapir’s first birthday and it was…awesome.  One of the highlights of my year. Yesterday I was invited to Panama the HarpyKeep reading »

Pet Adoption in Belize: Have I Got The Dog For You – Meet Boo

Just Sunday morning I found a puppy.  A sweet white, hazel eyed pup climbing the steps at an empty condo next door.  Far from anywhere she should be.  Clearly lost. She stuck around for a few hours.  No one was coming to pick her up.  So I borrowed a collar and a leash… And broughtKeep reading »

Helping the Hopkins Belize Humane Society: An Almost Super Human Bunch

Earlier this week, I traveled down to Hopkins, Belize to help out with the local Humane Society.   I’d been following some of their efforts on Facebook, and I’d helped at a free vet clinic in Sarteneja, Belize that was organized by Hopkins Humane Society (HBHS). A tough but amazing experience. These guys are aKeep reading »

From San Pedro to Hopkins, Belize To Help: It’s NEVER Been Hipper to Snip

Yesterday, for most of the day, I made my way south for a volunteer veterinary clinic held by the AMAZING Hopkins Humane Society.   A relatively recent operation – founded in 2008 – that is…well…kicking ass in the village of Hopkins (population around 1000) and around Belize. Spaying and neutering dogs (over 1100 last year alone!),Keep reading »

Two Lovely Nights North on Ambergris Caye: Sapphire Beach Resort

Earlier this week I took a 20 minute boat ride to the north part of Ambergris Caye to explore and to check out Sapphire Beach Resort at mile 10.  I took a bunch of pictures of the GORGEOUS stretches of comparatively untouched beach at and around Sapphire… I keep showing this picture but, to me,Keep reading »