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A Cruise to Belize: AMAZING Excursions from Cave Tubing to Mayan Sites

Thanks SO MUCH Megan for writing about what I haven’t experienced…excursions (both with the cruise & independently) from a ship.  Three times, three totally different experiences that ended with Meg and her fiance deciding to honeymoon in Belize. GREAT POST! Or:  Planning ahead- what to do with 8-10 hours in Belize? As I mentioned inKeep reading »

Belize Bird Rescue: If You Love Parrots, Set Them Free!

Last Friday, the same day that I pet Fuego the one year old tapir and sat eye to eye with a GORGEOUS puma (sorry.  I can NOT show this picture enough)… I also met an amazing woman who started and really devotes her life to helping the birds of Belize with The Belize Bird Rescue.  WeKeep reading »