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Cake and Other Things On Ambergris Caye

Mid October and things are quiet on Ambergris Caye.  We are muddling through the low season (arguably at the slowest September to US Thanksgiving).  Businesses are starting to re-open after vacations and renovations.  The news cycle – at least MY news cycle – is slow. The tropical unrest that was hovering off the coast ofKeep reading »

THE BEACH IS BACK! And Other Friday in San Pedro Snapshots

There is only one thing to talk about right now.  The plague has subsided.  The sargasso has stopped…for a few days now.  Since the Tropical Depression that turned into Hurricane Michael breezed by us. LOOK!  The sea floor! I won’t get too cocky but I’ll show you some pictures.  The water isn’t TOTALLY clear yet…thereKeep reading »

Snapshots in San Pedro: Mixed Weather and Good Eats

I was ready to sit down and blog a few hours ago.  After a quick walk with the dogs.  We hurried out; dark clouds were looming.  And as we closed the outside door to the balcony…a gust of wind and SLAM.  I didn’t know it until we hurried back in light rain but…the lock brokeKeep reading »

October 1st: Conch and Construction North

Again, two topics with pretty much NO link between the two.  I’m throwing caution to the wind – and saying that this could be a new trend. COULD be…it’s already making me uncomfortable.  I did GOOGLE “conch and construction” to see if I could find a way to tie them together.  I came up withKeep reading »

Friday Recap: Chic New Look at Red Ginger & Sargasso Clean-Up

September and October in Belize have a rhythm all their own.  Much of it imposed by the HEAT!  Steamy hot – bright sun in the morning, torrential downpour at lunch, cloudy late afternoon- tropical weather. It’s the low season – which means the tourist flow slows – and many businesses take some time off…to renovateKeep reading »

Cayo Rosario Development Update – WHY THIS PROJECT?

I haven’t posted here about Cayo Rosario in a while – but that does not mean it has not been on my mind…or my computer screen or in the 2 inch binder I now have of press releases, documentation, GOB regulations and guidelines, meeting minutes and more. So let me give you a summary ofKeep reading »

Morning with Frannie: Sun, Sargasso and Super Special Sea Beans

Yesterday started with some heavy rains leaving puddles all over Ambergris Caye. These not-so-Roseate spoonbills were enjoying our new situation. By afternoon the sun was BLAZING and the sargasso (which has hit our shores with a vengeance over the past week) was fragrant. If you don’t know about the sargasso situation here in Belize and aroundKeep reading »

Hot Hot Sun and Sand Spurs on a Saturday Morning

This summer has been hot and sunny –  but the dry dry* spell was broken a bit at the end of the week with some passing showers and last night, some downpours. *Superlatives in Belize are often done by doubling the adjective.  For example, where one might say a fruit is “very sweet”, in Belize,Keep reading »

Light Up Your Neighborhood: Order a Streetlight!

I live 7 miles north on Ambergris Caye.  This beautiful area was considered “out in da bush” just a few years ago and is starting to develop a bit more.  The paving of the road north – from the bridge to about Mile 3.5 – in 2014/2015 makes travel so much easier.  See below forKeep reading »

Weekend In San Pedro And Then Moving On Up…

It’s been a HOT week in Belize (I can probably repeat this sentence, sometimes adding “wet”, for the next 3 months).  With my friend Jamie visiting, I’ve been getting a bit more out and about.  Trivia at the Truck Stop Thursday.   Lunch and chocolate on Friday.  Yoga on Sunday.  And then checking in to aKeep reading »

A Saturday Afternoon at Secret Beach

I’m trying to remember my first trip to Secret Beach on the West Side of Ambergris Caye.  I don’t know if it’s a lack of distinct seasons or just my advancing age but my memory?  It ain’t good. I moved to San Pedro, full time, in May of 2007 living just south of town.   ToKeep reading »

Gorgeous Sparkly Sargasso-Free Monday on Both Sides of Ambergris Caye

It has been no secret – especially to those that live in Belize and much of the Caribbean – that there has been a serious sargasso bloom this season.  Starting in mid-February, it’s been coming and going but mostly…coming. Until now… Yesterday I took a boat ride from San Pedro town to Cayo Frances FarmKeep reading »

Thursday Photos Around San Pedro

MAN!  has it been windy.  Hot hazy and windy on Ambergris Caye as a festival weekend approaches. Gray skies cleared yesterday afternoon and things are looking absolutely gorgeous today.    I headed to town for a meeting and took lots of photos.  Here are a bunch of them. Events over the next few days: San PedroKeep reading »

San Pedro Scenes: A Day of Errands

I’ll cut to the chase.  I spend a couple hours a day running errands around San Pedro.  Mostly for Cayo Frances Farm & Fly but everyday life requires many stops a day. Yesterday I checked on our busted golf cart (don’t even ask), we bought fish, meat, vegetables and ate lunch. Here are some picturesKeep reading »

Morning Snapshots at Ak’Bol Yoga Resort & Weekend Thoughts

It’s been a very very busy week – so it’s nice to have a three-day weekend here in Belize.  Monday, May 21st is Commonwealth Day.  A day of observance – for the over ONE BILLION people who were part of the British empire.  (Amazing, huh?) I celebrated and will continue to observe it by mooningKeep reading »