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My Complete Guide To Secret Beach on Ambergris Caye

The Scoop on Ambergris Caye’s Most Popular Spot:  Secret Beach As soon as you touch down on Ambergris Caye, you are going to hear the suggestions from your bartender, the taxi driver and the front desk:  You MUST go to Secret Beach.  EVERYONE tells you that you HAVE to go. How, you might wonder, canKeep reading »

Sew What! Starting Small And Growing a Business on Ambergris Caye

Sew What! is an impressive business that’s been growing on Ambergris Caye over 15 years ago. Now, with two locations, they make so much – cushions, inside and out, upholstery, window shades, awnings, boat and golf cart cushions, almost everything that can be sewed – except clothing. Here is the office/workshop in town – withKeep reading »

Monday Blues as a Cold Front Passes over Ambergris Caye

Yesterday, as many in the north were chiseling the ice from their cars in the US and Canada, the cold front dipped as low as Belize. Coldest temperature recording yesterday in the US:  Seagull Lake, Minnesota -35F, Boston, 5 degrees, NYC, 4 degrees.  Orlando’s temperature was 38! Belize dipped precariously into the mid to highKeep reading »

The Dry Season isn’t Officially Here YET

Dry season on Ambergris Caye means sunny skies and clear clear nights for months in a row. HOLY RAIN LAST NIGHT.  As if a waterfall was pouring on our roof.  Cistern filling rain.  I was JOLTED awake at 3.11am by the racket. And that’s good.  Very good –  because the dry season…which all the guidebooksKeep reading »

Windy Beautiful Christmas Week on Ambergris Caye

After the rainiest of Christmas eves, the weather is sunny and beautiful and WINDY.  GOOD grief, it is windy.  With gusts over 20 knots this morning, the water is churned up… It’s been a bit of a lazy few days.  So I have a bunch of pictures that I took on a Boxing Day beachKeep reading »

Happy Holidays and A Look Back on 2018

The last few days have been a flurry of errands and baking way too many cookies.  With the third cold front of December – and temperatures now in the upper 70s – it wasn’t so bad.  I made my usual go-to cookie:   Quaker Vanishing Oatmeal Cookies (minus raisins, plus shredded coconut and chocolate chips), theseKeep reading »

Tony Rath’s Photo Book of Ambergris Caye Launches on One Gorgeous Day

Yesterday, the recent cold front* broke and the weather was absolutely GLORIOUS.  Breezy, cool in the shade, hot in the sun, sparkling blue perfection. It all made perfect sense.  Because Tony Rath – Belize’s premier photographer – was in town.  To unveil, with Cubola Publishing, his new photo book of Ambergris Caye.  ALL AMBERGRIS CAYEKeep reading »

Most Beautiful Day of the Year on Ambergris Caye

Yesterday was glorious.  Sandwiched between two cold fronts (see yesterday’s post) – the sun is beaming, the cooler breeze is blowing and the humidity is low.  The beach was looking fantastic, town was sparkling and I’m sure the birds and butterflies were singing together. Here are a bunch of photos I took yesterday just becauseKeep reading »

Stuff that Washes Up on the Beaches of Ambergris Caye

Take a walk up the beach on Ambergris Caye and you are bound to find a few things.  A tiny shell, a piece of drift wood, a plastic bottle or…maybe a cool looking piece of coral. Depending on how far north you walk – and how close to the reef you are – the coralKeep reading »

Ear Muffs & Mule Carts: Snapshots of My Week in Belize

Each year – about this time, the weather abruptly shifts.  We go from BLAZING HOT and humid to the first cold front of the year. Just a shift in wind and a few degrees drop in temperature and those who live here get out sweatshirts and thick socks and confound all the tourists. I walked theKeep reading »

Three Belize Brands & Products That Might Get Me Traveling!

There is so much going on across Belize – and my favorite way to see it all is Instagram.  Following people that travel the country or just skimming thru the pictures of those visiting…it’s a great way to check out the entire country. Like Chef Sean Kuylen visiting a seaweed farm on one of theKeep reading »

Fight Night! MMA Comes To San Pedro Belize

Though I know it exists and I know it is wildly popular…I have never ever seen a UFC fight or an MMA fight. Fighting?  It’s not my thing.  Randy “Macho Man” Savage and Hulk Hogan are the last fighters to appear on my radar screen.  Probably the late 80s, when my little brother was wayKeep reading »

Cake and Other Things On Ambergris Caye

Mid October and things are quiet on Ambergris Caye.  We are muddling through the low season (arguably at the slowest September to US Thanksgiving).  Businesses are starting to re-open after vacations and renovations.  The news cycle – at least MY news cycle – is slow. The tropical unrest that was hovering off the coast ofKeep reading »

THE BEACH IS BACK! And Other Friday in San Pedro Snapshots

There is only one thing to talk about right now.  The plague has subsided.  The sargasso has stopped…for a few days now.  Since the Tropical Depression that turned into Hurricane Michael breezed by us. LOOK!  The sea floor! I won’t get too cocky but I’ll show you some pictures.  The water isn’t TOTALLY clear yet…thereKeep reading »