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Finding Joy In Quarantine in Honey Bunches of Oats

It’s Time to Start Steering the Roller Coaster A few months ago, we had plans.  Remember plans?  Jeff planned to close out a very successful camp season in mid-August.  A bit of time off, some upgrades to the camp including a small greenhouse and an expanded living area for us, Jeff was going to headKeep reading »

Swimming and Open-Air Restaurants Open: Lunch at Ramon’s Village

dock at Ramon's Village

Belize has been under a State of Emergency due the Covid-19 virus since the end of March/beginning of April. But last week, new Statutory Instrument was released – effective Friday, May 15th – that called for a slight loosening of regulations for Belize’s current State of Emergency since the country has been COVID-free for overKeep reading »

When This is Over I’m Going to Belize!

Just A Little Bit of Travel Planning is Good For Your Health I’m starting to come to a point where it feels okay to look to the future.  Where a bit more hope seems good… I don’t know when international travel will resume, when Belize will open her borders (July?) or when people feel financiallyKeep reading »

Regulations Relaxed on Ambergris Caye – Caution Prevails

Habanero and Mangos

I don’t know about you but I’m getting a bit tired of the phrase – the “New Normal”.  Every single tweak in regulation (here or in the US or anywhere) IS not a “new normal”.  It’s a learning process…sometimes just a best guess based on data and the experiences around the world…aimed at protecting theKeep reading »

Belize & Covid19 Update: Where are We Now?

COVID-19. The virus that was declared a global pandemic on March 11 by the World Health Organization has rapidly reached most corners of the world…yes…including Belize. On March 23, 2020, Belize confirmed their first case of COVID-19, on Ambergris Caye…imported by a citizen who had just been to the US… Here’s MY update on thisKeep reading »

Update from Ambergris Caye Belize, Quarantine Day 34

A month has passed since we entered quarantine on March 23rd – and as I BEMOANED in the last post – uncertainty is the new normal. On an international level – when will airlines start flying internationally again?  When will people feel safe to fly? On a local level, we have been very fortunate, atKeep reading »

Thinking & A Timeline In Lieu of An April Newsletter

It’s Hard to Write The Same Old Monthly Newsletter When the World has been Turned on Her Head in Less Than A Month This is the time of month when I would sit down and put together my April Newsletter.  A look back on the previous month…my most popular posts, my favorite pictures…and I’d lookKeep reading »

Keeping Busy in Quarantine On Ambergris Caye, Belize

Please note that this blog post is an April Fools Joke – or at least the last part of it is.   We’ve (me and Jeff – this is the only blog post of the year that I let him participate in) have been writing this annually. It started 5 years ago when we convinced manyKeep reading »

Update From San Pedro, Belize: Asked to Shelter in Place

For all OFFICIAL announcements issued by the Government of Belize, please see the Press Office page.   So Shakespeare wrote the masterpiece King Lear during one of the16th-17th century plague-inspired quarantines… ** “Fun” fact:  Between 1348 – 1665, an outbreak of something occurred every 20-30 years in London, killing around 20% of London’s population eachKeep reading »

Postcard From San Pedro, Belize

Beach by the High School

After watching the news for an hour or so this morning, we set out for town at about 10am to run some errands.  It was my first trip to town in about 5 days – I’ve been trying to shake a nasty head cold and am finally on the upswing.  Getting over the sinus issuesKeep reading »

Corona Virus and Belize – Links and Some Thoughts

Morning all, The world seems to have changed drastically in just a few days.  And I’ve paused a bit in blogging because 1. I have a head cold – and lots of head-stuffing congestion and 2. It seemed a bit tone-deaf to keep posting about traveling in Belize when…well…most people are canceling any travel plansKeep reading »

San Pedro Should Have a Parade EVERY Monday

Yesterday, Monday morning, I headed into town with a long list of errands.  Part of “my job” here in Ambergris Caye is provisioning for Cayo Frances Farm and Fly.  Jeff’s flyfishing camp is having a busy season – and since they are totally off the grid and only reachable by boat – he needs someKeep reading »

Another Perfect February Day But A Cold Front’s Coming

Here is what I love most about living on Ambergris Caye… That I can walk for 5 minutes on the beach (you are never more than a few minutes from the beach no matter where you are on the island) – and things are better.  The ocean makes everything better.   Especially when it looks likeKeep reading »