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The Buzz: Bill Gates in San Pedro, Belize & Flour Tortillas…You Foil me AGAIN!

Yesterday afternoon a HUGE boat pulled up just outside the reef off Ambergris Caye.  It’s honestly the biggest boat I have ever seen.   It is ridiculous.  Everyone on shore and on the Internet was abuzz with gossip…Jimmy Buffett?  Oprah Winfrey?  Beyonce and Jay-Z?  Pictures like this were surfacing on Facebook…from the San Pedro Harbourmaster.Keep reading »

Scratching the Surface on Easter Saturday: Lion’s Den, The Hotel, Palapa Bar and Dancing to Sinkronia at Wet Willy’s

Yesterday, Easter Saturday, might have been the most happening day of the year in a town where something is always happening.  There were tons of beach parties, DJs, visiting performers, bands, fundraisers…with all of these choices…where does one begin?   The choice was easy.  The Pancake Breakfast at the Lion’s Den.  Plus, it was myKeep reading »

A Gorgeous Day for a Birthday Party at The Snack Shack

Thursday afternoon was a beauty.  The breeze has died down a bit and the sun was shining…hot.  The sea looked gorgeous behind this fallen coconut tree. Perhaps I found a new living arrangement… This boat?  Barge?  Shack on a raft has a For Sale sign on it. In the morning, I headed over to theKeep reading »

High Winds this Morning and Some Random Stuff…

I took a walk to town this morning to pay my electric bill.  Usually a relatively painless process, today the line was over 20 people long.  And I am not good at waiting.The wind is whipping, the sea churned up and a few dark clouds menace.  Most of the time, the clouds burn off andKeep reading »

More About My Tuesday: Lunch, Legends and a Look Around Town

I posted a few days ago about my brush with “celebrity” at the Chicken Drop (see:  Wahoo’s Lounge) but my day started much earlier with a walk into town.  A visitor was showing local kids, Mark and Johnny, how to search for hidden treasure on the beach. The sun was definitely coming out after aKeep reading »

Belizeans Says NO To Offshore Drilling

On March 2nd, all voting Belizeans were asked to come out and make a choice in a people’s referendum regarding offshore drilling for oil.   This vote was not organized by the government, but by volunteers. I arrived early with a bunch of other volunteers.  Lots were needed.  Some to check voters IDs, lot ofKeep reading »

Hip Hip Hooray: San Pedro Rallies for Mel Paz 4 Mayor

Last night, citizens of San Pedro gathered to support our Independent candidate for mayor, Mel Paz.  Speeches, trampolines for the kids, food, free purple t-shirts and $2 beers (the hallmark of a solid San Pedro political rally), a good crowd had gathered by the end of the night.I put on my purple “Mel Paz forKeep reading »

What Is All Over our Beaches?

You may have noticed a serious amount of seaweed covering the beach and even the shallow water for the past month.  It is worse than I have seen since I’ve been here.  What’s going on?  Where is it coming from?  Why does it smell so bad in the morning?  A neighbor gave me an excellentKeep reading »

Sunday Afternoons Mean BBQ and Live Music in San Pedro

The town is hopping right now.  With Presidents Day and schools’ spring breaks, these next few weeks tend to be some of the busiest of the year.   Sunday afternoon in San Pedro is always a great day to go out, have a few cold beers and listen to some music.  Last Sunday, I stoppedKeep reading »

What You NEED To See Tonight

The Bachelor on ABC at 8pm EST.  NOW WAIT!  Before you click off this post, give me one moment to explain why you should watch it.   I know all the reasons why you don’t want to…it’s mindless drivel, it’s totally phony, it’s the worst way in the world to find romance, Ben the currentKeep reading »

The Elections are Just Around the Corner

The elections are right around the proverbial corner and right outside everyone’s door it seems.  Signs, banners, flyers, campaigning groups, t-shirts, golf carts flying flags and blasting party jingles are hard to miss.  Red, blue, purple…the colors are all over town.  Even where I live one+ mile south.So…Wednesday, March 7th is a double election for bothKeep reading »

So This Is What I’m Missing…

So…I’m supposed to be staying in to rest all weekend.  Ugh.I went outside for a few minutes this morning and this is what I am missing.  Perfect weather, a nice breeze and not one cloud. My pool at Royal Palms…my shadow in the picture proves that I am alive!  I miss you pool. The seaKeep reading »