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Gorgeous Day, Best Ceviche in Town And A Busy Weekend Ahead

The weather has been beautiful since my return – hot for sure but that is very typical for May in Belize.   The trees are flowering… …and the fruit is gorgeous.  Drive past a fruit stand and you can SMELL the pineapples.  They are almost orange they are so beautiful. The sargasso has been comingKeep reading »

Saturday Snapshots: Pictures of My Week in Belize

I went from Maya Beach, Placencia back to Ambergris Caye over the past week and took tons of pictures in between.  Some published on my blog…some on Twitter, Facebook or Instagram (or all three)… Here are my snapshots (mostly on my IPhone 4s) around Belize. The beautiful beach on the Placencia Peninsula – between the BelizeKeep reading »

San Pedro’s Wonderful House of Culture Celebrates Rastafarianism & World Icon Bob Marley

When most people think of Rastafarians, they think of the hair, the dreadlocks, Bob Marley and probably smoking marijuana.  And though the Rastafari movement does contain those things, it is so much more. Yesterday I stopped by San Pedro’s relatively new House of Culture – to me the highlight of the new Sacas Chispas/Old Football field/Boardwalk project onKeep reading »

A Hodgepodge on ANOTHER Gorgeous Day

Yesterday was a perfect Friday end to a gorgeous week.  I mean GORGEOUS and…I’ve been harping on it each and every day.  Really rubbing it in your faces. 🙂 But as Winter Storm Iola rolls into the Northeast, a cold front, probably the very same, has moved over San Pedro and today’s skies are grey…it’sKeep reading »

Belize Fashion Week in San Pedro is Finn Approved: Lights, Designer Collections and Catwalk!

From fashion correspondent Fin Kardashian: This past week, BFW (Belize Fashion Week) showcased the best designing talent in Belize and even featured some international designers from around Central America.  Although it’s not a Mercedes-Benz Bryant Park NYC fashion show, I would SO love to congratulate Pat Grief for putting on an outstanding event.  We haveKeep reading »

Kardashian Correspondent Covers Belize Fashion Week 2014…A Sneak Preview

This year, I’ve attended some fairly unexpected events in Belize.  Events that may not seem exceptional in places like New York…or Mexico City…but are both surprising and exciting in our tiny country.  April’s Belize International Film Festival held in Placencia was one. The premiere of San Pedro (and Belize’s first) locally filmed, acted and debuted telenovelaKeep reading »

El Gran Mestizo Hotel, Orange Walk & Heading Back Home

I JUST got back from Belize’s North-Westernist district, Orange Walk.  The 4th largest town in Belize (can you name the first three?) is getting ready for their biggest event of the year – the September 21st, Belize’s 33rd birthday celebrations. Since I can’t be there for that day – the very IDEA of missing SanKeep reading »

A HOT Summer Day, New Buildings, New Banners and Wow…The Movie Theater

Man it’s hot.  For those who don’t think there are seasons in Belize, you can now experience summer.  The temperature hasn’t risen all that much over the past few months.  It’s gone from maybe low to mid 80s to high 80s…but whether it’s the humidity?  Or the wind?  I’m not sure the exact dynamics ofKeep reading »