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San Pedro’s LobsterFest 2014: The Official Schedule

It IS official because I saw Belikin posters in town…and well…the festival starts TOMORROW so here is the full schedule.   I’ve added a few “unofficial” events you want might want to attend…have fun! And businesses, please email me any changes/additional information so I can update this.  If I’m going to call it official, then theKeep reading »

Benque, Belize Decorates the Streets Beautifully For the Passion of The Christ

Good Friday is a somber day throughout Belize.   No alcohol is sold or served across the country and almost all businesses are closed.   Much of the country is Roman Catholic and most churches hold religious processions over the Easter holiday.   Some simple…some elaborate. I travelled to Benque Viejo on Thursday afternoon to take partKeep reading »

Shopping in Belize: My Favorite Souvenirs On Ambergris Caye

Shopping for souvenirs on vacation is one of my least favorite things to do.  I do NOT enjoy wasting quality beach, snorkel and tour time sifting through…junk.  And often it is just that.  Shot glasses, fridge magnets, junky jewelry, tacky t-shirts.   What seemed funny when you riding on your vacation high, is more just…embarassingKeep reading »

Middle Street San Pedro Finds – Art and Ice

As many of you know, the town of San Pedro, Belize has three main roads – The Front Street, Middle Street and the Back Street.  Each has more recently been renamed but I never hear anyone refer to these streets as Tarpon Street or…I don’t even remember the other names.  It’s easiest to keep themKeep reading »

Hopkins, Belize: A Village Tour & Travelling There

Hopkins is a small village (Pop. less than 2000) stretched between two rivers on the Caribbean Sea.  South of Dangriga and north of Placencia,   And, as with many villages in southern Belize, it has a feel all its own.  Here’s a map (that I snagged from a hotel down there) so you can get someKeep reading »

The Maya History of Merida, Mexico – What I Think Makes it REALLY Special

Perhaps a lazy Saturday blog…pictures rather than words…but not really.  Merida, Mexico is a beautiful colonial city FOR SURE.  But what sets it apart from Antigua, Guatemala or Puebla, Mexico or the other beautiful colonial cities of Latin America (and what links it to Belize) is the Maya – both past and present. Merida wasKeep reading »

2014 Placencia Art & Music Festival: THE ART and THE MUSIC!

Yesterday’s afternoon post went in a few different direction:  bus travel…my lodging…Chelsea Handler…but didn’t really get to the main reason that I travelled to Placencia – the Art and Music Sidewalk Festival.   The 11th annual.   There were artists and craftspeople from many parts of Belize…   The Art Affair Gallery in Placencia (oneKeep reading »

Come to Belize, Marry A Garifuna Drummer: An Expat in Punta Gorda

I met Ruth and her husband Ray at one of my favorite spots, Hickatee Cottages in Punta Gorda, Belize.  Every Wednesday night, the owners of the cottages, Ian and Kate, invite Ray to teach traditional Garifuna drumming to the guests. I was a little bit scared.  My lack of rhythm borders on sad and thisKeep reading »

Getting Artsy Again. This Time Mosaic Tiles on Ambergris Caye

You can’t say that I don’t cover a wide variety of topics.  Bikers, a Belikin beer domino tournament and now art and getting crafty. My friend Tami makes beautiful mosaic tiled pieces.  Garden ornaments, plates, teapots, tables, posts, SKULLS… this piece is at Belizean Arts shop in Fido’s Courtyard in San Pedro.  She has alsoKeep reading »