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Seine Bight, Placencia Peninsula: Food, People and Lola’s Art

On the same peninsula and only about 5 miles north from Placencia is the village of Seine Bight (pronounced Sane Bite).   So close by, yet so so different, Bight is a Garifuna village to Placencia’s tiny Creole and Gringo population.  (Like how I use “Gringo” as a ethnic term for my people?) At myKeep reading »

A Trip to Lamanai: It’s Not Just Mayan Ruins

Visiting a Mayan site is at the top of many vacation lists for people visiting Belize.  One of the best is a day trip from Ambergris Caye…a long day trip.  But after seeing birds, monkeys, crocodiles, cool Mayan carvings. and questioning whether you can get back down the STEEP temple that you just climbed, it’sKeep reading »

San Pedro’s Art in the Park: They Need You to Attend!

The House of Culture in Belize City has always been one of the leaders in promoting (you guessed it) Belizean CULTURE in this country and abroad.   Just this year, a branch with its own cultural committee has opened right here on Ambergris Caye.  And though we may not be called the “Culture Capital ofKeep reading »

The Garifuna Collective Performs in San Pedro for the First Time Ever!

The late Andy Palacio’s world famous group, the Garifuna Collective, played on Ambergris Caye for the first time yesterday at the re-opening of Sundiver.  Sundiver is a resort about 5 miles north that closed a few years ago, was rented to a group for the years after and is now reopening as a resort.  It’sKeep reading »