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Monday on Ambergris Caye, Belize – What’s New?

Yesterday was a holiday in the states – President’s Day – many kids are off from school and families on vacation.  In San Pedro, it was day two outta three of our unique Carnaval.  (Read lots more about the holiday here.)  And the island feels super busy. Sunday afternoon kids were out on the beach andKeep reading »

Saturday Snapshots: Pictures of My Week in Belize

I went from Maya Beach, Placencia back to Ambergris Caye over the past week and took tons of pictures in between.  Some published on my blog…some on Twitter, Facebook or Instagram (or all three)… Here are my snapshots (mostly on my IPhone 4s) around Belize. The beautiful beach on the Placencia Peninsula – between the BelizeKeep reading »

Caye Caulker Weekends Kardashian Style!‏

There has been much back and forth – rumors galore – around the Lazy Lizard at the Split in Caye Caulker.  I’ve written a handful of blogs about the saga (take a look just after this post.)   Electricity removed, liquor license revoked, closed down for a few weeks, open but not serving alcohol and nowKeep reading »

Kelly McGuire is Back On Ambergris Caye – First Show for A Packed Palapa Bar

Texas singer/song writer Kelly McGuire is back in San Pedro for his annual Birthday Bash.  Kelly’s albums “Boat in Belize” & “King of the Island” and many lyrical references to spots around San Pedro make him popular but it’s his super friendly, fun personality…the way he learns everyone’s names and his easy going story telling about hisKeep reading »

A Hodgepodge on ANOTHER Gorgeous Day

Yesterday was a perfect Friday end to a gorgeous week.  I mean GORGEOUS and…I’ve been harping on it each and every day.  Really rubbing it in your faces. 🙂 But as Winter Storm Iola rolls into the Northeast, a cold front, probably the very same, has moved over San Pedro and today’s skies are grey…it’sKeep reading »

My Halloween Day in San Pedro, Belize – From Crossfit to Frozen Custard

Halloween 2014 felt a little…endless.  The big parties – the Holiday Hotel (check out Part One and Part Two) and the SAGA Humane Society Pet & Kids’ Party were last weekend.  October 25 and 26th. There were a smattering of parties during the week…lots of decorations…school kids bazaars…people dressing for work…random people dressed as…ummmm…skeletons in the park.Keep reading »

AMAZING Photos of San Pedro Belize’s MASSIVE 2014 Halloween Night- Part One

Actual Halloween falls on a Friday this year…which means the BIG PARTY night in San Pedro  (always a Saturday) came early.  Last night, the Holiday Hotel rolled out the red carpet (literally) and almost instantly, Halloween was in full swing. San Pedro goes absolutely nuts for the holiday and this annual party lasts until dawn.  MyKeep reading »

Halloween is Serious Business on Ambergris Caye – Come On Down!

Halloween is a big deal in San Pedro.  I could spend a few paragraphs with boring information about the origins of the holiday – both religious and harvest based.  Or speculate how it made its way down to Belize (maybe a partying pirate ship?  or some Christian missionaries?) but I think it’s best to beKeep reading »

A Preview of Rain Restaurant & Roof Top Terrace at Grand Caribe Resort

I wrote yesterday about my two day stay up at Grand Caribe Resort – and it was absolutely lovely.  I had an excellent time…extremely comfortable and relaxing… The newest building on the property is being completed…and it’s almost there.  Just the finishing touches being applied. This new complex is 4 stories high and is goingKeep reading »

My Lovely Neighbors: Mata Rocks Resort, Ambergris Caye, Belize

I have posted photos of Mata Rocks Resort since the very beginning of my blog (June 2011 if it comes up on Belize Jeopardy).  Mata Rocks is the small, lovely hotel just north of me and one of my very favorite beach bars  – both for the scenery and for the bartenders. My friend, Jamie, who wasKeep reading »