Bars & Nightlife

Black & White Bar: A Cultural Center?

As the San Pedro Sun newspaper wrote a few days ago, the Black and White Bar just south of San Pedro Town is making changes.  But many people hear the name “Black &White Bar” and they think…girls.   A place were you can drink and hang out with ladies that make their money hanging outKeep reading »

Saturday in San Pedro: Photos around Town, Tequila & Wildlife at the Barrel Bar

Yesterday, the SAGA fundraising team (Kathy from Pampered Paws, Eileen from D&E’s Frozen Custard and me) hit the town to…well…raise some funds.  Businesses were INSANELY generous about donating prizes for our raffle and silent auction and ingredients for the food that will be sold at the 9th Annual SAGA Halloween Party (see the flyer atKeep reading »

The Best Bars in San Pedro, Belize: 2012 Edition

Just over a year ago, I posted the 2011 edition.  Since then I’ve tested even more bars to make sure I have an opinion about each and every one.  From Zaak Bajo (now closed and for rent) to Coco Beach, I’ve left few stones unturned – even expanding my reach to the north side ofKeep reading »

Sunday Funday at Crazy Canuck’s Beach Bar

Sundays in San Pedro, Belize generally mean BBQ.  Even if the day starts out like this… 8:30am Sunday morning In backyards with family, along the streets in town for fundraisers or at beach bars, Sunday is the day to get together for fun, food and music. One very popular Sunday get-together takes place at CrazyKeep reading »

A Bar Birthday Challenge: Cheap, Fun and New

When you’ve lived on this island as long as I have (okay…so it’s only been 6 years but I like to start my posts out dramatically like that), you can fall into a bit of a rut.  Always eating the same thing, at the same places, going to the same stores and bars…time to findKeep reading »

Karen Waldrup Puts On An Amazing Show to Raise Money In San Pedro

Karen Waldrup is an up and coming country star from Tennessee, a fantastic song writer, contestant on Bravo TV’s “Platinum Star” and all around sweet heart.  She originally emailed me a few months ago asking for places that she might be able to play if she came to Belize for vacation (a friend from TennesseeKeep reading »

Heading up to Ak’Bol and Palapa Bar on a HOT Summer Day

When I go visit the states, one of the most frequent questions that I get is:  “Don’t you miss the changing season?”  No.  No, I don’t…at least not in the way they are asking.  Cold weather makes me miserable for the most part and we DO have seasons in Belize, definite seasons.   This past dayKeep reading »

SAGA Fundraising Cook-Off: Bar Food at Average Joe’s

Last night, Average Joe’s Bar hosted the monthly SAGA (the San Pedro Humane Society) cook-off.  Theme?  Bar food and snacks.  And it seems to have struck a cord with both chefs and eaters alike.  There was a great crowd and 15 dishes.  FIFTEEN!  That’s the most donated dishes I’ve ever seen.  For a donation ofKeep reading »

SAGA Cook-Off and Trivia at Pedro’s Inn Draw Big Crowds

Who says that the “busy season” on Ambergris Caye is drawing to an end?  Not me.The SAGA Humane Society held its monthly fundraising cook-off at Wet Willy’s Bar (and soon to be restaurant) last night.  We arrived right on time…6pm…and there was already a good crowd.  After reading yesterday’s article in the local paper aboutKeep reading »

Monday Night…Blues at Average Joe’s (AJ’s) Bar

Last night we stopped by AJ’s Bar for a few beers and to check out All Cayed Up, a local blues band.  Who doesn’t like live music? The band has five members including Tull, Keith Newton and Barefoot Skinny.  They are all very talented musicians on their own…together they are amazing.  If you like theKeep reading »

Scratching the Surface on Easter Saturday: Lion’s Den, The Hotel, Palapa Bar and Dancing to Sinkronia at Wet Willy’s

Yesterday, Easter Saturday, might have been the most happening day of the year in a town where something is always happening.  There were tons of beach parties, DJs, visiting performers, bands, fundraisers…with all of these choices…where does one begin?   The choice was easy.  The Pancake Breakfast at the Lion’s Den.  Plus, it was myKeep reading »

We Came SO CLOSE to Winning Trivia at Pedro’s Inn

Every Thursday night, there is trivia tournament at either Pedro’s Inn or Roadkill Bar.  Last night, we studied up and headed to Pedro’s to take the entire pot.  We were totally in it to win it.  And our team lost by 1/2 of a stinking point.  Ugh.  I’m still not over it.Here is Pedro’s fullKeep reading »

TV Crew Films at Faux Chicken Drop at Wahoo’s Lounge!

Last night, Tuesday night, was Election Day Eve.  And like in many places, Election Day is a national holiday…but unlike many places, Election Day is a dry holiday in Belize.  You heard me.  No alcohol served or sold.  So lots of people go out the night before. I went (first) to Wahoo’s Lounge.  I loveKeep reading »

Sunday Afternoons Mean BBQ and Live Music in San Pedro

The town is hopping right now.  With Presidents Day and schools’ spring breaks, these next few weeks tend to be some of the busiest of the year.   Sunday afternoon in San Pedro is always a great day to go out, have a few cold beers and listen to some music.  Last Sunday, I stoppedKeep reading »

Good Bye BC’s Beach Bar?

Since I moved to Belize over 5 years ago, there have been rumors that one of San Pedro’s most popular beach bars was going to move or shut down.  The leased prime property where they are situated is just too good.  Condominiums or a hotel were bound to come. A few days ago a giantKeep reading »

I’ve Been Bitten by the Poker Bug at Pedro’s Inn

And I’m telling you…this night is good times. Once a month, Pedro’s Poker Room in San Pedro, Belize is hosting a Ladies Poker Night.  I was hesitant.  Poker rooms, to me, hold so many icky stigmas…tons of smoking, giant male egos, total silence coupled with menacing glares, stupid terms. Big blind, river, limits, nuts, flop…blah,Keep reading »

Ode To The Bartenders: Working at BC’s

From now on, I am doubling all of my tips to bartenders.  This is hard work!   My 38 year old feet are still aching. Yesterday afternoon and night, I got the chance to guest “bartend” at BC’s Beach Bar, one of the very best in San Pedro.  They are known for great service, aKeep reading »