Bars & Nightlife

CHICKEN DROP! You Trick Me Again!

My friend and I were lured to town last night with visions of our $1000bzd winnings dancing in our heads.  The Thursday night Chicken Drop at Wahoo’s Lounge usually has a $100 pot (which I also NEVER win) but for the holidays the ante was upped to $1000bzd. But first a walk into town.  ItKeep reading »

Crazy Canucks and Even Crazier Candy

Let’s start with the candy.  As in all areas of the world, the holiday season means an influx of candy to the island.  The San Pedro candy barge brings massive bags of colored marshmallows, tamarindo sucking candies, little tubs of what looks like cake icing and gummy everything…mostly from Mexico.  But we stumbled upon theseKeep reading »

The Best Bars In San Pedro, Belize: 2011

According to me.  2011 edition.  If you have any suggestions, feedback, questions or you just hate my picks, let me know!   I am sticking to town (not too far north and not too far south) and I honestly think I’ve been in every bar (maybe not all the way into San Pedrito…I’ve got wood to chop). Keep reading »

Results From Your Favorite Bar Poll: You Love BCs

I’m trying to think back to my statistics classes…and I can remember nothing.  83 votes is all I got and I’m guessing that is not statistcally significant…but here is what I found out. You had 5 choices:  Fido’s (the biggest and, with tourists, most popular bar in town), BCs (one of the last standing oldKeep reading »