Beer & Cocktails

New Belikin Store Opens In San Pedro

We’ve been watching it come together for the last few months.  The store front just across from the Tropic Air terminal, in downtown San Pedro, transform into The Belikin Store.  Hopefully selling all the Belikin merchandise that until now, wasn’t available to the public.  Like the Belikin bandanas…and the Belikin signs. Belize lovers and manKeep reading »

Buying Liquor On Your Way Into Belize

This was originally posted in 2012 but there have been some important updates at the international airport. Most notably, there are TWO inbound duty free stores and the selection has broadened to include some sunglasses, make-up and candy in addition to American brand cigarette cartons and wine and liquor.  AND it can get you lowerKeep reading »

Exciting New Bars & Restaurants on Ambergris Caye: Stella’s Smile

***Please note that this post was written in great anguish and it is a modern miracle that my 2012 HP wasn’t tossed over my balcony.  What is it about computer problems that make me insane and murderous?*** New spots are popping up around Ambergris Caye.  Not just change of ownership at an existing place butKeep reading »

Moments in San Pedro, Belize Over This Past Week

The weather this week has been pretty gorgeous on Ambergris Caye.  The municipal elections are over (phew!), the sargasso algae/seaweed is at an all-time high level and, as usual, there is plenty going on to keep me busy in San Pedro.  Here are some pictures from around the island.  If you run into me anywhereKeep reading »

Extravagant Wine Pairing Dinner at the Always Delicious Casa Picasso

Belize is best known for our locally made rums and for the national beer – Belikin.  Wine is a relatively new import.  When I first moved to Belize, the selection was very limited and very expensive (even a bottle of Pina Colada flavored Boone’s is often priced over $20bzd – clearly VERY distressing to my upscaleKeep reading »

Sunday at the Gorgeous Rojo Lounge on North Ambergris Caye, Belize

The weather on Ambergris Caye continues to be beautiful.  Warm (and getting warmer), windy and lots and lots of sun.  Apparently, for the past few weeks, the terribly beach-chic Rojo Lounge has been opening on Sundays for a bit of a Sunday fun day celebration.  (Rojo is a favorite on all sorts of international best barKeep reading »

Harley-Davidson Bike Rally On the Beach in Belize Brings Hundreds From All Over Central America

Harley-Davidsons?  In Belize?  Black leather?  On the beach?  A friend sent me a message about this rally just yesterday.  The first annual Harley-Davidson Bike Rally in Belize.  Ummmm…seriously?  Bikers, known for leather and boots, riding in the Central American heat to a country where gasoline is over $10bzd a gallon to…park at the beach? THISKeep reading »