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San Pedro Scoop: My Best of 2013 – Part Four & A Bit of Christmas

I’m no longer going to apologize for the endless quality this series is taking on.  I’m just going to dive back into it.  I hope everyone had a very very Merry Christmas.  Mine took place at a beautiful beach front condo south of town… Sun, lobster & steak, really great friends that I’m lucky toKeep reading »

San Pedro Scoop: My Best of 2013 – Part Two

Yesterday I meant to do a recap of my year (Part ONE) and going through pictures, I made it through 2 months only.  I guess I was busier than I thought in 2013.  Not a bad thing…not a bad thing at all… SAP ALERT!  Belize is really the coolest country ever.  I spent about 5Keep reading »

A Shady Place…The Guatemala/Belize Border: Drinking Beers at Champon

I’d been there before.  A place called Champon,  a sort of no man’s land after you cross the border from Belize and before the border entry of Guatemala.  Shady?  Very.  Interesting?  Always.  The reason to visit this place?  Here it is… Driving out of San Ignacio town at dusk along the river towards the GuatemalanKeep reading »

Weather Returns to Perfection, Distilling Fine Pruno and Off On Vacation

Hurricane Ernesto has now completely blown by and the weather on Ambergris Caye has returned to beautiful.  Even almost Tropical Storm Gorden (out in the Caribbean but potentially headed our way) seems to have fizzled.  The sea is still churned up a bit…more chalky blue tan water than the usual crystal clear aquamarine but itKeep reading »

No Liquor Served During Hurricane Ernesto in San Pedro: Is it a Problem?

San Pedro, Belize’s economy revolves around tourism.  No one can deny that.  I’d say that everyone who makes a living on this island does something directly or indirectly related to attracting visitors and making sure they have a good time when they are here.  That often involves the consumption of a cocktail or ten. OverKeep reading »

Tasting Belikin’s New Verano Beer & A Rainbow Over the Sea

Oranges are one of Belize’s biggest crops (along with sugar and bananas).  And I’ll be honest, they are not the prettiest fruit.  They look nothing like the big, seedless, waxy, bright orange Sunkist fruit that I was used to in the States.Here is a pile below.  The green heap on the left right in frontKeep reading »

What a Great Idea: Tasting the New Belikin Chocolate

For years, Belikin Beer was an absolute beer monopoly in Belize.  It was the only beer legally available in the entire country.  But in 2009, the government of Belize made an agreement as a part of CARICOM (the Caribbean Community and Common Market) so we could import beer from other member countries.First came Heinekin, bottledKeep reading »

The King Of Beers

Sorry Budweiser, in Belize you are not king.  You are not even prince.  Bud (or Bud Lite – America’s best selling beer) is just not for sale in Belize.  Lucky for all of you, SanPedroScoop is on the case and more than ready to crown the king of Belize beers.First, let’s meet the contestants.  Until just a  fewKeep reading »

The Next New San Pedro Bar Concept?

Do you wish that there was some way to jazz up your Belikin beer?  Ok…I didn’t when I first moved here.  But after 4+ years and countless Belikins, I could use a change.  And I want to introduce the latest in San Pedro bar trends…Beer Cocktails! I love a Belikin and I love a MicheladaKeep reading »

My Stay-cation Begins with a Michelada (Recipe Included)

Yesterday was a total washout…and today wasn’t looking any better.  But then…the sun!  I was able to spend a few hours on the dock and to develop a lobster-like sunburn that will be smarting for days. Best to start the day with a michelada (aka, the Poor Man’s Bloody Mary).  10am too early for aKeep reading »

Let’s Peek Inside The Belikin Distributor

Belikin is the #1 beer in Belize BY FAR.  According to Wikipedia, the brand was founded in the late 60s/early 70s with the tagline “The Only Beer Worth Drinking”.  (I’m actually surprised how little historical information there is on the internet since it is such a huge brand here in Belize.  The best information I could find was this article: Keep reading »