8 Great Reasons to Vacation in Belize

Belize seems like an easy choice to me – but let me question some questions…and help you figure out why you should vacation in Belize!

Questions:  Why pick Belize over the thousands of other spots that you can visit?  Why pick a Belize vacation over so many other warm sunny places?

Well…I moved to San Pedro, Belize only 6 months after my first visit.  It was just a feeling…a comfort level.  But then I thought more about it.

Here are a few reasons why I made this crazy jump.

The Ocean and The Reef

The 2nd largest barrier reef in the world runs all along our coast.  Snorkeling along the reef, swimming with sting rays & nurse sharks, scuba diving the Blue Hole and reef & flats fishing are some of the most popular activities for both visitors and locals.

The People

I’ve visited a bunch of countries.  40 to be exact…and I’ve never met a friendlier or more welcoming bunch.  Locals want to recommend their favorite bar, restaurant, dive trip, just chat or in some cases, invite you over for lunch.  This is not a vacation where you will be stuck inside an all inclusive resort with other tourists.


English Speaking

We speak your language (well…if you are one of the 6% of humans that speak English as a first language)…and some other really cool ones.  Spanish, Mayan (in certain parts of the country) and, my favorite, Kriol/Creole.  Based mainly in English but heavily accented with lots of cool new words and phrases, you can keep yourself busy for hours working on the basics.  There are few things more amusing to Belizeans than laughing with (or at) visitors testing the language out.  Here is a very cute video to get you started.

I love to travel – and that includes countries that speak all different languages – but there is just something easy and comfortable about cracking jokes with someone that speaks your language.


Great Weather

Ranging from warm and breezy to a bit more muggy and hot, Belize does have its seasons.  But one thing you can be sure of – it is ALWAYS warm.

No snow, no icy, no sleet, the weather has never dipped below 65 degrees.  And for that, I will remain eternally grateful.


Fresh fish.   High end restaurants and delicious street food.  Pupusas, barbecue, fry jacks, johnny cakes, tamales, lobster season, conch season…you honestly can’t go wrong.  Whenever I have friends visit, it’s the #1 thing that they rave about.

Here’s my guide to Belizean food – and my #1 suggestion…EAT!

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6.  History and the Mayan ruins.  Belize and the surrounding countries have some serious history.  The Mayan people flourished in this area for hundreds of years.  In fact, in 1000AD, the population of Belize is estimated to have been significantly greater than it is today.  Leaving behind pyramids and temples, pottery and jewelry, the countryside (and even the island of Ambergris) is scattered with impressive Mayan relics and scenic sites.

We are a Tiny Country

Beauty, variety and accessibility of the mainland from the cayes and the cayes from the mainland.  The entire country of Belize is slightly smaller than the state of Massachusetts, only about 9,000 square miles.

Water falls, the amazing Belize zoo, tubing through underground caves…  Belize is a country where you can go from a sandy beach to a wild life filled jungle in a few hours (or less).

Holidays and Festivals

(These reasons are not ranked because if they were, this would be at the top of my list.)  From the Chocolate Festival in Southern Belize to Carnaval in San Pedro to Lobsterfest on Caye Caulker to the HUGE September Independence celebrations countrywide, Belize loves to party.  And there are very few months of the year where you won’t encounter something.


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Why Belize? 8 Reasons why we are special.