Meet one of My Favorite Harmouches

and potentially one of the hardest working people in San Pedro, Abdul Harmouch.  He owns La Isla Grocery Store across the street from Changes In Latitudes and the Belize Yacht Club.  A great shop that I used to stop in 3+ times a day when I lived at BYC…and now that I’ve moved, I’ve cut downKeep reading »

Your Week Aug 1 to Aug 7

I am going to start publishing this every Monday morning.  You’ve already been given your Bar Score Card with the weekly bar schedule (see:  Your San Pedro Town Weekly Bar Score Card).  Here are the “special events” this week: Monday:  Lady and the Champ Casino Night at Captain Morgan’s with Costa Maya beauties, Bob BounahraKeep reading »

The Target or Walmart of San Pedro, Caye Supplies

ing Caye Supplies has been on Back Street since I moved to San Pedro but it has grown by about 5 times over the years by adding a second floor and getting so much more merchandise.   When I first arrived in town,  it is nice to think that I wanted to live the simple life. Keep reading »

The Best Belizean Rum is Declared at PEDRO’S INN!

Last night, Pedro’s hosted a $20bzd all you can drink rum party and fight night.  People were enjoying all four rum selections with coke, soda, punch, anything!  It was Caribbean Rum (Cuello’s) vs. Travellers.  A fight until the last rum is standing. Many came out…many drank shots and a winner was declared. Here are theKeep reading »


And I don’t LOVE much.  I’ve lived in Belize for almost 5 years and never went cave tubing and ziplining on the mainland.  It is one of the most popular trips for visitors.  Yes, I had a bunch of excuses.  Too expensive…the trip to the mainland from San Pedro is too long…it leaves too early…it isKeep reading »

Mystery Fruits: Craboo & Seagrapes

Summer is the season for new and mysterious fruits at the local fruit stands in San Pedro.  I stopped by this one yesterday (across from Ramon’s Village) to test two that are new to me.  Only $2bzd a bag…so why not. Craboo (or nance) is a small yellow fruit with a very pungent smell.  The wordKeep reading »

Beginners’ Texas Hold ‘Em Night at Pedro’s Inn

I want to know what this worldwide poker craze is about.  How can people play this game for hours and hours?  How can people watch that BORING coverage on ESPN in the middle of the night?  Is it just a way for pseudo-math nerds to congregate and act social?  I just didn’t get it. So we organizedKeep reading »

Water Jets Water Taxi moves to Caye Caulker Water Taxi Dock

We have/had three water taxis in Belize that take people from San Pedro to Belize City (stopping in Caye Caulker) and back.  SanPedro Belize Express. San Pedro Water Jets. and Caye Caulker Water Taxi    It can get very confusing. Lucky I made a phone call before sending guests to Water Jets WaterKeep reading »

A Sunday Trip North of The Bridge Part Two: Ak’Bol and CocoBeach

Picking up where I left off yesterday…after Palapa Bar and just around the bend is Ak’Bol Yoga Retreat (2 docks north if you are on the beach).  I’ve heard from lots of people for years that this place is great (particularly my friend Sheryl from Portland, OR) and that the food prices are some of the bestKeep reading »

911? We’ve Got An Emergency…Of Sorts

Driving down Coconut Drive this afternoon, I heard a sound not heard often on the island.  Fire Sirens.  There was a fire truck closing in on me.  We pulled over, let the truck pass and it stopped right in front of the Belize Yacht Club.  A police truck pulled up right behind it with 2Keep reading »

A Sunday Trip North of The Bridge, Palapa Bar and More, Part One

Yesterday was a beautiful, hot day and perfect to drive north of the bridge on Ambergris Caye.  Something that I haven’t done in years.  I have been making a huge mistake.  Let me back up a bit…Ambergris Caye is the largest caye in Belize, is 25 miles in length and has a “cut” with a connecting bridge. Keep reading »

A Walk North: Royal Palms to Belize Yacht Club

As you guys can see, for the most part, I only venture from Royal Palms Condos (about 1.25 miles south) into town and back.  There is so much more of the island to see including the “suburbs” (north of the bridge – the bulk of our 25 mile long island).  I promise I will expand my horizonsKeep reading »

Recent Happenings At Pedro’s Inn

Pedro’s Inn/Hotel is a busy hotel/hostel/bar/pizza joint just south of town.  Here is what’s going on.  Pizza.  Don’t fret about lack of good pizza if you are visiting or moving here, there is some really great pizza on the island.  (This is coming from a New Yorker).  And Pedro’s is always delicious.   And now you can also order Cheesy/Garlic breadsticksKeep reading »

Cupcakes on the Caye

Yum…cupcakes in San Pedro.  So popular in America over the past few years, cupcakes have been springing up all over town.  Yesterday, I got a very special delivery from Monica Prevett, a San Pedrano who has just started a cupcake delivery business.  Take a look at my delivery.  These are the most professional looking cakesKeep reading »

Your San Pedro Town Weekly Bar Score Card

You might want to print out a small laminated copy of this for your wallet.  My little codes are listed in the key at the bottom. Mon:  Crazy Canuck’s,  Live Local Music (lots of punta & dancing) 8pm to Late (LPC)           Martini Monday at Banana Beach/El Divino, 4pm to close(LK)           Karaoke at Croc’s Bar, 8pm to Late           Poker at Pedro’sKeep reading »

UnBelize-able…Jet’s Bar in Belize Airport

One of the ten best airport bars in the world?  Wow.  Take a look at this AOL slide show…fancy, chic European places, cool American pubs and then Jet’s in Belize City.  Sure, Jet has been doing it for over 25 years and he is an icon.  Sure, he looks and sounds exactly like Tattoo from Fantasy Island andKeep reading »