Wadda Gwan: Blackbeard’s Hideout Part 2

I was walking down Front Street yesterday and was recognized by a man on a golf cart!  I’M A WORLD FAMOUS BLOGGER!  I’M A SUPERSTAR!  Autograph?  No.  Photo op with the family?  No.  He just shouting at me “so you’re that blogger.” It was the new owner of Blackbeard’s Hideout (recently featured in my “WaddaKeep reading »

Wild Mango’s Should Be One of Your Favorite Lunch Spots

When I first moved to San Pedro, I was a hard core Wild Mango’s fan.  (It’s in the center of town on the beach and does lunch and dinner.) I could (and would) eat the BLT with avocado on fresh homemade bread 2x a week.  Easy.  But when I started working more, I fell off aKeep reading »

Here Comes the Rain

This morning the rain came very briefly and the wind (the CRAZY WIND that we’ve been having all week almost stopped completely) but now the rain… And now I’m hearing thunder…wonder if my friend is going to be able to fly from International Airport this morning…

Don’t Forget LobsterFest Caye Caulker

Just a month ago, this HUGE event was called off but some bars organized and it’s back.  To the relief of many. Bikini contest?  Kids Greasy Pig?  Very different vibe as compared to the San Pedro event.  And it sounds superfun. July 1-3rd.  The Water Taxis will be packed tomorrow going from SP to CCKeep reading »

Didn’t These Kids Get the Memo? Beach Logs KILL

Ok…this sign is not posted in San Pedro.  But I’ve seen a few in bars (BCs for instance) with the same message:  BEACH LOGS KILL! This is one of the bigger logs I’ve seen floating in.  And there were about 5 little kids riding it.  Just like my grandpappy used to say…”it’s all fun and gamesKeep reading »

Forced Early Morning Walk on the Beach

I have started taking the beauty of Belize for granted.  I will admit…I haven’t taken a lengthy walk on this beach in quite a while.  But this morning, the electricity (or current as we call it in Belize) went out at 7am and no fan = no breeze = no sleeping.  (My condo is aboutKeep reading »

Proliferation of Pharmacies in San Pedro

By now you guys know me.  I am not judgemental at all.  Not one bit.  But what is the deal with the explosion of pharmacies in town?  There seems to be one on every block, on every corner. Sure…older men need a little help here and there but do we need this much Cialis andKeep reading »

You Must Not Know ‘Bout Me…Ode to A TackleCart

See this cart on the roads and give her space! For those of you who have not visited San Pedro, many of the vehicles are golf carts.  But that has been changing over the past few years as more and more taxis, trucks and motorcycles (unfortunately) arrive on the island. Anyhow…My new neighbors (both at homeKeep reading »

Another Interesting Sign in San Pedro

Please don’t send me emails about what a bad person I am.  I’m still going through the emails I’ve already received. Here is a sign that is interesting to me. This month of the year event is a great one.  There are no two ways about it. But everytime I see the title is strikes me asKeep reading »

Sand Storm Blows Into San Pedro and Dia De San Pedro

Just got back from Belize Bank for some change for the bar (only 4 days left!) and it is a SAND STORM.  It is seriously gusty out there.  Gusts of 40mph.  And they closed off Front Street by central Park…I’m guessing because of all this crazy sand blowing around?  Wear your sunglasses and keep youKeep reading »

Results From Your Favorite Bar Poll: You Love BCs

I’m trying to think back to my statistics classes…and I can remember nothing.  83 votes is all I got and I’m guessing that is not statistcally significant…but here is what I found out. You had 5 choices:  Fido’s (the biggest and, with tourists, most popular bar in town), BCs (one of the last standing oldKeep reading »

The Full Blown Storm Has Arrived

Ok.  That sounds dramatic but it’s midnight here in San Pedro.  Wind, rain, lots of thunder and lightening.  For everyone that has been waiting for rain…it’s here! And thanks for getting me to 5000 views. 

Mosquito Coils…If I should die before I wake…

As I lie here on my bed in a mosquito coil haze I can only help but wonder:  Can you really trust a product that can’t pay enough to use spelling/grammar check on its labels?Sure I can…or at least that is what I tell myself as I fall into a semi-toxic yet mosquito-free haze. This is notKeep reading »

Bizarre San Pedro: A&R

Warning before you read this post.  If you think I am too negative or not funny, please press the “back” arrow on your browser. I had been to the A&R in Belize City about two years ago and was completely turned off.  Junk, junk and more junk.   But as luck would have it, I was there toKeep reading »

New Column: Gratuitous Cute Kid or Cute Animal of San Pedro

I know…too easy.  But this sweet heart has been coming into Tacklebox Bar since she was the size of a peanut.  I think she is part pitbull.  And she goes CRAZY every time she sees me. I appreciate a dog that recognizes beauty and intelligence.  Her owner is a guy named Wicked (probably not the nameKeep reading »

New Column: Meet One of My Favorite Harmouchs

The Lebanese are a huge part of life in San Pedro (and probably Belize).  In fact, many (most?) supermarkets and hardware stores are owned by Lebanese expats (and most are now Belizean citizens).  It is always nice to stop by a restaurant for some hummus and tabouli.  A very nice change when you eat lotsKeep reading »

Party Like a LobStar…The 2011 San Pedro LobsterFest Block Party

Let’s start with a super cute picture and then get to it. The main event was finally here…and these booths are getting seriously impressive.  I arrived at about 5.45pm and the crowd was already getting HUGE.  Great turnout.  Really great work San Pedro!  Caliente/Red Ginger/BlueWaterGrill, San Pedro’s restaurant empire, had a line of about 40Keep reading »

Love FM Kayak Race

When it rains, it pours in San Pedro.  Saturday, June 25th, one grand opening, 2 fashion shows, Lobsterfest block party and this added surprise (or at least to me). Love Fm sponsored a (I think the first ever) Amateur Kayak Race from Belize City to San Pedro. (http://www.lovefm.com/ is the big radio station in Belize).  AsKeep reading »

Two All Beef Patties, Special Sauce, Lettuce Cheese…in Belize!

I promised to tell the truth in my food reviews so here is the cold hard truth.  Brace yourselves. I walked into Roadkill Bar this afternoon after hearing lots about Wade the Gringo’s burgers. This week they are serving all day Friday and Saturday.  They do a Quarter Pounder and a “Big Mac”.I expected toKeep reading »

Pedro’s Has the Biggest Party of 2011 Lobsterfest so far

I arrived at Pedro’s Lobsterfest party at about 7pm and luckily a seat had been saved cuz the place was pretty packed.  The poker game was in full swing and all the tables outside were filled with lots of families. It was $25bzd for all you can eat pizza and rum punch.  A big blackKeep reading »