Friday Recap: New Regulations on Testing, Lobsterfest 2021 and A New Beer

My longest title ever?  Probably!  Happy Friday.  It’s also a national holiday in Belize today – the first January 15th official public holiday celebrating Belize’s greatest statemen and first Prime Minister, the Honorable George Price.  (This site has a good history and some great pictures of Price and his family)  The US is easing intoKeep reading »

US Follows Canada Requiring COVID Testing For Returning International Flights

Effective January 7, in response to the new and more aggressive strains of COVID, Canada required that all citizens and visitors returning to the country require a negative PCR  (or LAMP) test within 72 hours of departure.  This is in addition to a required 14-day quarantine when returning to the country. Read the official announcementKeep reading »

This Week’s Good Things, 1.12.21

This is the week I am planning to go to Caye Caulker.   Today was the day. The overnight bag was all packed.  (By “all packed up” I mean 2 t-shirts, PJs, a few pairs of clean undergarments, a few extra masks, and a bushel of tangled wires and cords for devices – the necessities) MyKeep reading »

You’ve GOT To Know: Ambergris Caye’s RRR Emergency Response Team

Ambergris Caye has a team doing amazing work protecting residents and visitors by providing quick response to emergencies.  Driven by a powerful mission, RRR (you’ll see the stickers and signs and magnets all over town) – Triple R Response/Rickilee Rescue and Response – a charitable organization – has brought 24-emergency response services, on land andKeep reading »

Stepping Outside for a Bit of Serenity and A Valentine from the Sea

I don’t know about you but I woke up this morning feeling a bit like this doll I just saw on the beach… Girl…wash your face! There is so much negative and overwhelming news…leaving me with an emotional hangover.  Trying my best to not head down the rabbit hole this morning, I went out forKeep reading »

Belize is SO Different: And Here’s Why…

Belize is Not Just “Some Caribbean Island”…Waterfalls and Coral Reef and Amazing Culture and FOOD and Welcoming Belizeans and…. Maybe you have never been to Belize.  Maybe right now you are dipping your toe back into travel planning or you have a bag backed and are READY NOW.  You are trying to decide between aKeep reading »

My TOP Blog Posts Of 2020 and a Magnificent Rainbow

Good-bye 2020…you will most certainly not be forgotten.  Yesterday…late afternoon there was an EPIC rainbow…the full arch and it was double and then triple at time.  I missed it.  Completely.  I was DEEP into a fascinating/horrifying podcast.  But here are pictures from around the island. In Central Park from Marlena Gomez Photography.  Follow her ifKeep reading »

My Guide to Beautiful Crooked Tree, Belize

Crooked Tree Village- Possibly Belize’s Most Famous Birding Location And A Beautiful and Intriguing Village   Quick Note before I begin: I visited Crooked Tree during the first week of March 2020.  Remember those easy-breezy, carefree days of public buses and travel?  It was my last trip off-island in 2020.  I had SUCH a greatKeep reading »

Belize Navidad! Beautiful Christmas Decorations on Ambergris Caye

It’s a beautiful Saturday morning on Ambergris Caye.  The temperature is about 80 degrees…a cooling breeze is blowing off the ocean.  It’s Christmas weather.  And only a shocking 6 days until Christmas day.  So what better time to share some pictures of the decorations in San Pedro and some around Belize – this year andKeep reading »

I’m Rebecca and I’ve Read 92 Books in 2020: Here are My 24 Favorites

My Favorite Books of 2020:  2020 was A LOT of things but one of the highlights for me (if you look, you can definitely find highlights) was reading.  Extra time…time granted to read.  An escape from too much thinking and what-ifs… I love fiction.  There is enough “real-world” in our lives right now and aKeep reading »

Last Minute Christmas Gifts For Lovers Of Belize

Remember the days when you would start thinking about Christmas shopping after Thanksgiving?  And then start shopping in the first few weeks of December?   Those days are long over.  Many people I know in the states are finished with their Christmas shopping.   Done!  Now…a good 19 days away from the big day is considered LASTKeep reading »