Take a Walk Down the Sidewalks of BEAUTIFUL Placencia Village

Those of you who read my blog know that I am a 14-year full-time resident and full-time lover of Ambergris Caye Belize.  But I also LOVE traveling around this beautiful country – and my most recent visit to the Placencia peninsula has me absolutely smitten. I’m trying to figure out how to spend more timeKeep reading »

A Trip South to Placencia and A Quick Look and Shop in Seine Bight

If you don’t follow me on Facebook or Instagram, you might not know that I am in Placencia.  About 125 miles south, as the crow flies, from downtown San Pedro, Belize – this area has a totally unique feel.  Placencia is…not an island…rather a long skinny peninsula jutting out in the Caribbean sea.  As youKeep reading »

My Belize Summer To-Do List 2021

It is Memorial Day in the United States…the unofficial start of summer for Americans.  The weekend to get out your white shorts, fire up the BBQ and maybe get to the beach.  And from all the articles I’m reading and the news I’m watching, Americans are fully embracing the vaccination lifestyle and working to getKeep reading »

Pics Around Town and My Busy Schedule

I’m excited to have a pretty busy schedule over the next week or so.  This morning, I’m headed over to the newest and one of the largest resorts on the island, Alaia Resort.  A tour and lunch with some of the local media.  I’ll most certainly let you know how it goes 🙂 Tomorrow I’mKeep reading »

Thing I Took For Granted Until I Became an Expat in Belize

Exiting Your Comfort Zone:  Things I Took For Granted (and I Didn’t Even Know It) Until I Moved to Belize I’ve read LOTS of articles about expat life – many of them written by people who either haven’t moved abroad JUST yet…or those who have just arrived (let’s call that the “honeymoon phase” and theKeep reading »

Weekend Photos And Returning to An Old Favorite

Over the weekend, I wrote about the first rain shower I’ve felt in…months.  “Dry season” doesn’t just mean that it will be mostly sunny…it means NO RAIN.  Usually February, March and April can pass without a drop… Rainy season, on the flip side, does not mean ALL rain or rain every day.  It just meansKeep reading »

My Mid-May Five: Things on My Radar Right Now

  Things are feeling great around Ambergris Caye – tourism numbers seem to be climbing…the last remaining businesses that were closed are either opening or announcing opening dates – and COVID numbers, thankfully, remain very low. It’s tricky when much of the news we get is from the US (TV, internet…everywhere) – where over 70%Keep reading »

Update on Travel to Belize: It Keeps Getting Easier

Traveling to Belize keeps getting easier.  Belize Travel Restrictions are coming down…but not all of them! Alaska Airlines announced just this morning that they will begin flights from the west coast of the USA later this year!  Particulars to be announced but their West Coast hubs are:  Seattle; Portland, Oregon; Anchorage, Alaska; San Francisco andKeep reading »

Skies and Beaches Clear on Ambergris Caye

Hazy skies have cleared…and….even more exciting, sargassum has slowed or stopped this week and our beaches look great.  I wasn’t planning on taking any photos yesterday but MAN was it a gorgeous morning. The view as we left the camp. And then passing Cayo Espanto. And then some more photos in town… Sandy Toes BeachKeep reading »

Art, Dogs and a Heatwave at the Camp, Cayo Frances Farm and Fly

The week started HOT.  Hazy skies and talk of temperatures over 100 on the mainland.  (Breezes generally keep the island below 90 degrees F no matter what) Update from the San Pedro Sun about the heatwave and what to expect I packed up the dogs and headed to town.  To meet the boat to headKeep reading »

A Walk and Photos on McLean Lane, Tres Cocos, Ambergris Caye

A few days ago, I wandered off the beaten path…down what is now a sandy drive lined with larger homes and flowering shrubs.  You know the turn-off… It’s actually not a turn but just continuing straight from the main (paved road) to this sandy area.  Straight past the North Ambergris Caye Police Unit – IKeep reading »

Lunch and A New Menu at Gorgeous Matachica Resort

Inspired by all the GREAT PRESS that Matachica Resort (and our entire island) has been getting… Belize is on the cover of Hemispheres United Airlines Inflight Mag:  Three Perfect Days in Belize  (photo of Matachica’s dock below from that feature) Men’s Mag Inside Hook’s:  Belize Is the Perfect Low-Key Caribbean Paradise for Your First VacationKeep reading »