I’m Rebecca and I’ve Read 92 Books in 2020: Here are My 24 Favorites

My Favorite Books of 2020:  2020 was A LOT of things but one of the highlights for me (if you look, you can definitely find highlights) was reading.  Extra time…time granted to read.  An escape from too much thinking and what-ifs… I love fiction.  There is enough “real-world” in our lives right now and aKeep reading »

Last Minute Christmas Gifts For Lovers Of Belize

Remember the days when you would start thinking about Christmas shopping after Thanksgiving?  And then start shopping in the first few weeks of December?   Those days are long over.  Many people I know in the states are finished with their Christmas shopping.   Done!  Now…a good 19 days away from the big day is considered LASTKeep reading »

Belize First “Cold Front” of 2020 Strikes!

Are there seasons in Belize?  YES!  Very much so.  It’s just relative.  I’ve seen people write about 2 seasons in Belize… …and I’ve seen 3 seasons but I KNOW there are four. Storm season, Winter, Easter Winds and Summer (you can read all the details here) But yesterday, no matter WHAT the calendar says (ok…itKeep reading »

Happy Micro-Thanksgiving on Ambergris Caye

Last year, for Thanksgiving, we had a full house at the camp.  3 strapping Brits and a Canadian couple who knew very little about the American Holiday but were VERY ready to embrace the turkey, stuffing, rice and beans with gravy and pie.  For seconds and thirds. Thanksgiving is an American holiday but it isKeep reading »

Garifuna Settlement Day in Belize: Gorgeous Photos From Around the Country

November 19th is a national holiday in Belize celebrating the initial landing of the Garifuna people on the shores of our country.  They brought with them an amazing culture, music, religion, language, FOOD…the Garifuna culture has been recognized by UNESCO as a cultural masterpiece. The history of the Garifuna people – descendants of African slavesKeep reading »

Iota Brings Rain and Winds to Ambergris Caye But We Got Very Lucky

I don’t know about you but I’m getting kinda sick of the 2020 jokes.  I know!  I’ve made them myself…when I stub my toe…or when my camera broke…in Belize! or just when watching the daily news.  It’s the year that just keeps on giving.  The bad stuff. Many of you will probably get something forKeep reading »

Belize Has a New Prime Minister, Did You Know I Wrote a Book And Thoughts…

Yesterday was a big day in Belize…a national holiday…so a quick report on what I know about that and some other thoughts and hopes from my perspective. Belize Votes RESOUNDINGLY for change in yesterday’s election Yesterday was election day in Belize!  And over 70% of the Belizean electorate turned out to cast a resounding voteKeep reading »

After The Rains…The Most BEAUTIFUL Day Ever

Yesterday was so perfect on Ambergris Caye…so sunny and fresh and gorgeous.  Lower humidity…a little almost-chill to the air early in the morning (only noticeable if you have been living in the Tropics for years and years)…so insanely over-the-top beautiful that I had to show you pictures. Our dog walk in the early afternoon. BeforeKeep reading »

The Sun is Out – Ambergris Caye Starts to Dry Out after Eta

Who thought that the worst storm of the year for Ambergris Caye (and all of Belize) would hit land over 400 miles away (as the crow flies) – south of Puerto Cabezas, Nicaragua? She’s now over Cuba…and threatening Florida. Ambergris Caye is extremely lucky.  We did see up to 20 inches of rain – someKeep reading »

Now A Tropical Depression, High Tides and RAIN from Eta on Ambergris Caye

Two days ago Hurricane Eta hit the Caribbean coast of Nicaragua as a STRONG Cat 4 Hurricane.  Catastrophic…the surge…the winds…awful.  And then she started losing strength and she slowed down considerably.  To a crawl.  And central Central America (that’s a thing, right?) braced for some serious rain. The already waterlogged land and rivers at theKeep reading »

If Trump Wins, I’m Moving to Belize…

I’ve seen periodic posts from friends and celebrities (sadly I don’t have any celebrity-friends) threatening to move to another country – any other country – if Trump wins.  I’m here to suggest a great one – one that I’ve found incredibly welcoming…filled with culture and diversity and great food. Belize! With the world’s tourism economyKeep reading »

Hurricane Eta Picks Up Steam To Our South

Overnight Hurricane Eta hit Nicaragua as a STRONG Cat 4 hurricane – after intensifying at record speeds.  It was a windy rainy night here (I’m talking 25mph gusts…nothing close to what is battering Nicaragua and Honduras. It’s actually cool here – we have a northern wind and we are waking up to temps in theKeep reading »

A Gorgeous Low Tide in Boca Del Rio, San Pedro

The Boca Del Rio stretch of beach is sandwiched between San Pedro town and the “river” or the cut in the land where the ocean flows thru to the San Pedro lagoon.  If you’ve been to Ambergris Caye, you’ve almost certainly driven over that bridge. This stretch of beach is my favorite.  I love thatKeep reading »