A GORGEOUS July Day: A Walk In Boca Del Rio

Happy National Dive Bar Day. Or at least that’s what this questionable website tells me today is.  It’s also World Chocolate Day and National Forgiveness Day?   It’s also Nude Recreation Week…and National Unassisted Birth Day (a weird one to celebrate?) as is National Farriers Week!   Let me climb out of this rabbit hole right now…Keep reading »

Blabbing About Mangos: The HEIGHT of the Season on Ambergris Caye

In India, they write poems about mangos.  They engage in “mango diplomacy” – gifting mangos to friends and relatives and even other countries – an offering of goodwill. “I do not eat what is made by mere mortals, In the season of Mango, I do not eat sweets” – Urdu poet Munawwar Rana It isKeep reading »

Just a Quick Update on COVID-19 in Belize

It’s a looong holiday weekend in the USA – Happy 4th of July! – and Ambergris Caye is bustling with visitors.  It’s amazing.  Fantastic. We are also just starting Lobster season – July 1st was the official first day.  And fishermen were out early bringing in a huge catch for the restaurants of San Pedro. Keep reading »

Onion Rings! And A Gorgeous Sunset at Croc’s Sunset Sports Bar and Grill

Four YEARS ago, I took a sneak peek at an extra-tall three-story beautiful palapa bar that was almost ready to open about 1 mile north of the bridge on Ambergris Caye.  They were putting the final touches on Croc’s Sunset Sports Bar and Grill.  BEAUTIFUL finishes.  (Like the shiny new urinals.  YES!  I’m calling urinalsKeep reading »

SanPedroScoop is 10 Years Old! My Top 10 Posts Over the Last Decade

This week, 10 years ago, I started my blog, SanPedroScoop.com, with a very VERY lackluster post.  And a lackluster look.  But honestly…just getting this format together took me weeks. This is the format and my objective in 2011.  As you can see with the red arrow, I have strange aspirations at that point.  A datingKeep reading »

Happy First Day of Summer: Green at Cayo Frances Farm and Fly

Today is the first day of summer – the longest day and the shortest night of the year in the northern hemisphere. This is obviously going to be more apparent the farther north you get – like the northernmost town in the world – Longyearbyen, Norway. 78 degrees N.  Population about 2000 people.  THERE ISKeep reading »

Take a Walk Down the Sidewalks of BEAUTIFUL Placencia Village

Those of you who read my blog know that I am a 14-year full-time resident and full-time lover of Ambergris Caye Belize.  But I also LOVE traveling around this beautiful country – and my most recent visit to the Placencia peninsula has me absolutely smitten. I’m trying to figure out how to spend more timeKeep reading »

A Trip South to Placencia and A Quick Look and Shop in Seine Bight

If you don’t follow me on Facebook or Instagram, you might not know that I am in Placencia.  About 125 miles south, as the crow flies, from downtown San Pedro, Belize – this area has a totally unique feel.  Placencia is…not an island…rather a long skinny peninsula jutting out in the Caribbean sea.  As youKeep reading »

My Belize Summer To-Do List 2021

It is Memorial Day in the United States…the unofficial start of summer for Americans.  The weekend to get out your white shorts, fire up the BBQ and maybe get to the beach.  And from all the articles I’m reading and the news I’m watching, Americans are fully embracing the vaccination lifestyle and working to getKeep reading »