The 2018 Uniform Parade Through the HOT Streets of San Pedro

September 10th.  The first national Holiday in a month that feels like one long holiday in Belize.  Yesterday celebrates a small crew of Brits and their slaves ousting the pesky Spanish once and for all in 1798 – the Battle of St George’s Caye. September 21st, my home of Belize turns 37 years old. YesterdayKeep reading »

Hip Hip Hooray! It Was the 10th Day of September…

First…let’s play the song. And sing! I love this song.  (ALMOST as much as my fave fave fave – Tell Them That You Born There) It was the 10th day of September In ninety-eight Anno Domini when our fore-fathers won the glorious fight at Old St. George’s Caye Hip! Hip! Hurrah. Hip! Hip! Hurrah. ThenKeep reading »

El Secreto Resort is Closed and Here’s What It Looks Like

Rumors have been flying over the past few months.  That El Secreto Resort at mile 11 Ambergris Caye is closed.  Indefinitely. The website is down as are their social media accounts.  Google has them marked as “Permanently Closed” and the last TripAdvisor review is from April 2018. A bit shocking.  This 5-star “barefoot luxury” resortKeep reading »

Morning with Frannie: Sun, Sargasso and Super Special Sea Beans

Yesterday started with some heavy rains leaving puddles all over Ambergris Caye. These not-so-Roseate spoonbills were enjoying our new situation. By afternoon the sun was BLAZING and the sargasso (which has hit our shores with a vengeance over the past week) was fragrant. If you don’t know about the sargasso situation here in Belize and aroundKeep reading »

Let’s Get Real About September & October in Belize

A few days ago I started a list.  Information about restaurants and bars that would close for the SLOW season, the RAINY season, the off-season.  The time of the year on Ambergris Caye when we have the least amount of tourists. There.  I said it! September, October and the beginning of November are the slowestKeep reading »

Sept 1st. End of Summer? Not in Belize!

As those in the US of A have their last hurrah…last big weekend at the beach, last wearing for those white linen shorts (NO WHITE AFTER LABOR DAY!), last summer BBQ or clam boil…here in Belize, this time of year feels like the heart of summer. Autumn officially begins on September 21st – Belize’s IndependenceKeep reading »

What Fun Is ONE Stop Shopping? Errands in San Pedro

Living on an island in the Caribbean Sea for 11 years…one would think that my most frequent blog topic would be snorkeling or sunning.  But my #1 is running errands. Not AT ALL what I thought of when I moved down to Belize to find a different way to live, to dial it back aKeep reading »

How I Began to Become a Bird Nerd on Ambergris Caye

Yesterday was my very first day of birding class.  OFFICIAL birding class. I’ve dabbled a bit.  I camped out in the amazing Chiquibil Forest Reserve to guard fledgling scarlet macaws – twice.  I’ve been birding at gorgeous Hidden Valley Inn to see some rare birds – ones that people visit Belize to see – theKeep reading »

Birthday Lunch at Beautiful Blue Water Grill

Yesterday I turned 45.  Now I can think less about 45 (the President of the US is being referenced more and more by his number) and more about me, me, me.  I think it’ll be a good year for me…perhaps not so much for him. We did a few things yesterday but I took aKeep reading »

Ten Misconceptions BUSTED about Traveling To Belize

I moved to Belize just over 11 years ago.  And still, when I visit the states, I will get quizzical looks when people ask me things like “how’d you get so tan” or just “where do you live”? Answer:  I live in Belize. Even if they have heard of it, most people are vague onKeep reading »

Hot Hot Sun and Sand Spurs on a Saturday Morning

This summer has been hot and sunny –  but the dry dry* spell was broken a bit at the end of the week with some passing showers and last night, some downpours. *Superlatives in Belize are often done by doubling the adjective.  For example, where one might say a fruit is “very sweet”, in Belize,Keep reading »

20 Teams Scurry About the Island for THE AMAZING RACE 3

Ambergris Caye’s entertainment center – the Truck Stop – has been open for less than 3 years! Check out my first pictures, tasting the menu and my bold prediction of “A big hit!” in November of 2015. Since then, it’s become a hot spot for food, drinks, ICE CREAM and a huge assortment of thingsKeep reading »

Day Two of Three of the Grand Caribe Deep Sea Classic

I am no fisherman.  I dabbled at it as a kid…bobbers and Sunfish with my brothers…but it just didn’t stick.  I don’t have that primal urge…the hunter gene. And I am horrible at mono-tasking and patience…my mind tends to ping all over the place.  I don’t think I’ll ever be a fisherman. And while I’veKeep reading »

Going Slow in Caye Caulker, Part Two: Photos, Hotel and Food

Over this past weekend, I spent 24 hours on Caye Caulker.  Just a few miles away, a 30 minute water taxi ride, our little sister island is smaller, less populated and less developed.  The sand streets, the pastel wooden buildings and the sparkling blue sea make it the PERFECT weekend getaway for visitors from justKeep reading »

Going Slow in Charming Caye Caulker, Part One

Early Friday afternoon we caught the water taxi from Ambergris Caye for  a mini-holiday.  24 hours on lovely Caye Caulker.  Just 30 minutes away from San Pedro and a very different feel.  The motto of the island is GO SLOW – and I was reminded of it about 14 times but various salesmen and island characters.Keep reading »

Light Up Your Neighborhood: Order a Streetlight!

I live 7 miles north on Ambergris Caye.  This beautiful area was considered “out in da bush” just a few years ago and is starting to develop a bit more.  The paving of the road north – from the bridge to about Mile 3.5 – in 2014/2015 makes travel so much easier.  See below forKeep reading »

YOLO Takes You To the Crystal Clear Blue Waters of Ambergris Caye

The entire Caribbean – Florida Keys, Yucatan, Mexico, Caribbean islands and the whole Belize coast – is having a tough year for sargasso.  The seaweed has been coming in…some say from the north and the Sargasso Sea, some say from the south and the Amazon area…since mid-February. And while it ebbs and flows and resorts areKeep reading »

Eat Like a Local: Belize Food Tours is a MUST-DO!

A trip to Ambergris Caye, Belize is not just a beach vacation.  It’s no all-inclusive holiday.  Yes there are gorgeous waters and white sands and plenty of loungers around your resort pool but the fun is more than that.  Visitors return year after year because of the people.  (7 Reasons I think Belize is SOKeep reading »