Beautiful Public Art Going Up Around San Pedro Now: Go See It!

I have not kept it a secret – I love love love public art.  A quick glance, it makes everyone’s life a bit brighter.  It helps encourage pride in our community.  It excites and uplifts budding artists.  And it can have economic value – rejuvenating neighborhoods and fostering tourism. I mean…how great would it beKeep reading »

Belizean Kriol: A GREAT Introduction, A Fun Way to Learn

I don’t know about you – but I vividly remember hearing Belizean Kriol (not “Creole” I later learned) for the very first time.  It was on a boat trip to snorkel the amazing Hol Chan Marine Reserve just off Ambergris Caye.  When the local guides were talking to us – the visitors – they spokeKeep reading »

Mamey: One of the Most Delicious Tropical Fruits

Mamey fruit – or in Spanish, sapote fruit, is native to Mexico and Central America.  And in Belize, like many fruits, it is only available seasonally.  Every year – the late spring and early summer is the time for FRUIT.   When our year-round steady supply of oranges, bananas, papaya, limes, pineapple, and watermelon is supplementedKeep reading »

Chetumal, Mexico: Is it Worth Visiting?

Visiting Chetumal, Mexico:  Things To Do If you are traveling from Mexico into Belize – on your way from Cancun or Merida, or Tulum, Holbox, or Playa Del Carmen, you are going to pass thru (or over) Chetumal Mexico.  Also true if you are going in the other direction. Chetumal is the largest city onKeep reading »

We’re Back!

In the last few hours, I crossed the border from Chetumal Mexico to Corozal, Belize, jumped on a 15-minute flight back to San Pedro and golf carted back north.  Home.  I’m very happy to be back in Belize! I say “We” above because not only am I home but my website is back online.  3Keep reading »

Going To Mexico In A Few Days…And a Bunch of Photos

I’m finally getting the hang of my new laptop…and my beloved camera, repaired, should be arriving in just over a week…it’s time to pull things together! The weather has been beautiful and even the day of on-again-off-again rain was needed on the island – to tamp down the dust and give the flowers a sprinkle.Keep reading »

Busted Motherboard Silences SanPedroScoop for 6 Days

Well…ok.  That’s a bit dramatic but in today’s world…it seems to be how everyday sentiments are expressed on cable news and social media.   So I thought I’d give it a whirl?  Enragement engagement… And I don’t like it. So let me tell you what really happened. I was preparing for a Zoom call just aboutKeep reading »

Books and TV I’m Loving: An Easter Monday Catch-Up

It’s Easter Monday – and a public holiday here in Belize.  And if there is ANYTHING that the British left here in Belize that makes me especially happy, it’s the “Day After” Holidays. The weather has been just about perfect.  Here are some photos I took yesterday…the busiest I’ve ever seen the gas station withKeep reading »

The Contrast: Good Friday on Ambergris Caye

Ambergris Caye feels like it is growing by the minute.  When I look back on just my 15 years on the island – it’s startling.  I can only imagine someone who was born here 40…50 or even 60 years ago…the population has exploded…buildings, high rises (we now have a 6 story building still under constructionKeep reading »

TEN Things to Know About the Extra Long Easter Weekend on Ambergris Caye

The Easter Holiday is Here And COVID Restrictions Have Been Eased:  Things You Should Know About the Celebrations on Ambergris Caye We are already well into Easter Week – or Holy Week/Semana Santa – the most sacred week in the Christian calendar.   It’s a holiday that is celebrated differently around the world – and evenKeep reading »

Good-Sized Bush Fire at 8.5 Miles North Ambergris Caye OUT

Yesterday, early evening, I started receiving messages from friends around town – is there a big fire up by you?  Opening my door…I didn’t see (or smell) a thing…so I jumped in the golf cart to drive a bit north and take a look.  There had been a fire – fence posts were still onKeep reading »

Great Books About Ambergris Caye and Belize

Or…Great Book Gifts for Your Nerdy Belize Loving Friend I moved to Belize 15 years ago and…honestly?  at the time, I didn’t care about birds…or wildflowers or sea creatures.  Not one bit.  Maybe it was because I grew up in suburban NJ and then resided in a studio apartment in Manhattan (neither considered huge natureKeep reading »

At Long Last: A Refreshing SOLUTION to the Sargassum Problem in Belize

Sargassum.    The mere mention of it instills dread in vacation travelers not just to Belize but up and down the Yucatan Peninsula and throughout the Caribbean. While beneficial in modest quantities (sargassum serves as a floating nursery for much marine life),  in large quantities, well…it becomes problematic.  It’s hard to put a positive spin onKeep reading »