Cats make the Single San Pedro Gal Look Cool. Ok…maybe not…

I wasn’t going to make this whole blog thing about me…but what the heck…why not? Let me first mention that bringing your pet to San Pedro is a relatively easy process (except for the actual flight)…I will detail that more in another blog. Here we go:  They say cat owners like to love and dog ownersKeep reading »

Results From My Latest Poll

My most recent poll is finished and here are the results to the Question:  What is Your Favorite Thing to Do When In San Pedro? #1 with 48%  Relaxing and Getting some sun#2 with 28%  Drinking#3 with 18%  Scuba Diving#4 with 6%    Fishing and with NO votes:  Action Adventure on the Mainland I completely agree. Keep reading »

Seaduced by Belize and Caye Caulker

The number one trip I always recommend to anyone…tourist or local who needs to be a day catamaran trip.  I LOVE IT.  It can go two ways.  You can either sail north to Mexico Rocks.  A day on the boat in most beautiful water with 2 snorkeling stops and a BBQ.  Or you can sail toKeep reading »

Pinocchio’s Italian Restaurant Grand Re-Opening

I arrived at the new Pinocchio’s Restaurant Grand Re-Opening right on time to take a few pictures before the common folks came.  Most of the top press in San Pedro were there:  Marty from, Tacogirl, the San Pedro Sun and me, of course…the place looked great.  And proves that I am a realKeep reading »

Thursday Night at the Chicken Drop

The Chicken Drop at Wahoo’s Lounge (right in the center of town) is the most popular organized tourist event on the island.  Bar none.  But it is generally not an event that locals would EVER go to unless they had visitors or unless they are trying to sell something to tourists.  It is packed. Basically, theyKeep reading »

Gratuitous Cute Kid

Some of you probably know Mike from Martha’s Ice.  Martha’s Ice is on Middle Street and does lots of the deliveries to bar and restaurants since ice machines are expensive and take up so much room.  Mike has been working there for a while and is always super happy to see you.  I can’t walk pastKeep reading »

Karaoke Challenge…I’m Backpedalling

Karaoke is serious business here in San Pedro, Belize.  We love it.  (I might be the only exception.  “Sweet Caroline”, Spanish ranchero love ballads sung by the taxi drivers, that Kid Rock/Sheryl Crow duet AGAIN?  Good lord ).  I had proposed doing a “5 nights of Karaoke challenge”.  And I will….at some point.  Some people run marathons, someKeep reading »

My Stay-cation Begins with a Michelada (Recipe Included)

Yesterday was a total washout…and today wasn’t looking any better.  But then…the sun!  I was able to spend a few hours on the dock and to develop a lobster-like sunburn that will be smarting for days. Best to start the day with a michelada (aka, the Poor Man’s Bloody Mary).  10am too early for aKeep reading »

A Quick Morning Trip Around DFC

When my friends come visit me in Belize, we generally stick to the beach bars, restaurants and main strip.  But everyone always asks me, where do Belizeans live?  Everywhere of course…but there are some areas off the “beaten track” where the average tourist doesn’t go.  Let’s take a look at DFC. My understanding is thatKeep reading »

Re-Opening of Pinocchio Restaurant

There are lots of restaurants on Ambergris Caye but not a huge amount of variety.  Want an Indian curry?  You need to get it shipped from the mainland. French food?  Out of luck.  Real bagel with lox and cream cheese?  You will be laughed out of town. I was pleased to see this very authentic Italian restaurantKeep reading »

Get With The Schedule: Monday is Crazy Canuck’s

Whether you are tourist or local, the “Party Schedule” in San Pedro is fairly strict.  And Monday’s ALWAYS mean Crack Canucks Beach Bar and a live band who specializes in Punta music.  Crazy Canucks is less than half a mile south of town located right on the beach.  During the day, it is a very laidKeep reading »

Wadda Gwan: Steve & Becky’s Cute Little Hotel

I’ve been by this place SO many times.  It is right across Coconut Drive from Ramon’s Village (one of the biggest and oldest beachfront hotels on the island).  It was always my understanding that it was owned by Ramon’s Village, they used the same facilities but it was just a little cheaper and not onKeep reading »

Let’s Peek Inside The Belikin Distributor

Belikin is the #1 beer in Belize BY FAR.  According to Wikipedia, the brand was founded in the late 60s/early 70s with the tagline “The Only Beer Worth Drinking”.  (I’m actually surprised how little historical information there is on the internet since it is such a huge brand here in Belize.  The best information I could find was this article: Keep reading »

I Was Updating Myself on

as someone of my fitness caliber does now and again to keep in touch with the world of anabolic steroids and weight stacking nutrition and I stumbled upon an interesting substance.  “Belizean Man Vine”.  It seems to be a key ingredient in more than one supplement. Described as something found in the rainforest and used forKeep reading »

Meet One of My Favorite Harmouches: Mahmoud Hassoun

To me, he is a Harmouch though his name is Mahmoud Hassoun.  (His mother is Harmouch).  And this is my pretend adopted Lebanese son.  I honestly love this kid.  I used to spend about an hour a day talking to him when I lived at the Belize Yacht Club and he worked at La IslaKeep reading »

Wadda Gwan: Blackbeard’s Hideout Part 2

I was walking down Front Street yesterday and was recognized by a man on a golf cart!  I’M A WORLD FAMOUS BLOGGER!  I’M A SUPERSTAR!  Autograph?  No.  Photo op with the family?  No.  He just shouting at me “so you’re that blogger.” It was the new owner of Blackbeard’s Hideout (recently featured in my “WaddaKeep reading »

Wild Mango’s Should Be One of Your Favorite Lunch Spots

When I first moved to San Pedro, I was a hard core Wild Mango’s fan.  (It’s in the center of town on the beach and does lunch and dinner.) I could (and would) eat the BLT with avocado on fresh homemade bread 2x a week.  Easy.  But when I started working more, I fell off aKeep reading »

Here Comes the Rain

This morning the rain came very briefly and the wind (the CRAZY WIND that we’ve been having all week almost stopped completely) but now the rain… And now I’m hearing thunder…wonder if my friend is going to be able to fly from International Airport this morning…

Don’t Forget LobsterFest Caye Caulker

Just a month ago, this HUGE event was called off but some bars organized and it’s back.  To the relief of many. Bikini contest?  Kids Greasy Pig?  Very different vibe as compared to the San Pedro event.  And it sounds superfun. July 1-3rd.  The Water Taxis will be packed tomorrow going from SP to CCKeep reading »

Didn’t These Kids Get the Memo? Beach Logs KILL

Ok…this sign is not posted in San Pedro.  But I’ve seen a few in bars (BCs for instance) with the same message:  BEACH LOGS KILL! This is one of the bigger logs I’ve seen floating in.  And there were about 5 little kids riding it.  Just like my grandpappy used to say…”it’s all fun and gamesKeep reading »