Greetings From Tulum

Beautiful day…ruins, beach…the best…and for some reason, I can’t upload any pictures here.  In furiating…let me try to work this out…

Shocking…I’m Having Internet Problems in Mexico

But I am here…and it is a gorgeous day in Tulum at 7.30am…so we are headed to the beach and the ruins… The storm seems to be staying south of here.  Good news.  Wondering how the weather is in San Pedro. I obviously had some impossibly clever posts ready for you but…techincal difficulties.  Blame it on Mexico. Keep reading »

Off To Tulum…You’ll Be Hearing From Me

SanPedroScoop is off to Tulum, Mexico to get the El Scoopa on our northern neighbors. (And to celebrate my 38th birthday). I’ve been to Tulum before…LOVE it.  Most beautiful beach I’ve ever seen, great food, ruins, cenotes, excellent tequila.  I’ll fill you in every step off the way. But now I must run.  I need to hop onKeep reading »

Red Ginger,Why Isn’t This Place Packed?

Last week, we stopped by Red Ginger at the Phoenix Resort for lunch.  I always try lunch at a restaurant first since I am pretty cheap.   I’ve heard a few people talk about this restaurant but after we visited, I realized that there should be a lot more buzz.  This place is fantastic and there was noKeep reading »

Invest 93L Inches Closer

And the National Hurricane Center now has a 80% chance that it will become a tropical storm (Harvey) in the next 48 hours.  Still moving west at 15 mph…NHC states:  INTERESTS ALONG THE COASTS OFHONDURAS…NICARAGUA…BELIZE…AND THE EASTERN YUCATAN PENINSULASHOULD MONITOR THE PROGRESS OF THIS DISTURBANCE.   Oh yes, we are.  Never good when Honduras and Nicaragua getKeep reading »

Ryan’s Got Rum

A prolific web surfer, music afficianado and brother of my best friend pointed out this site to me, maybe you’ve seen it: When I talk to people and they tell me that I’m “living the dream”, they obviously have not seen this guy’s site before.  Ryan is my hero. Dang, I’m writing the wrong blog. Keep reading »

Storm Seems to Have Weakened…Weather Nice So Far

Up early this morning (cable was out last night…what is a girl to do?) so I took a few pictures outside at sunrise.  It looks like it is going to be a good one.  Even found a rasta man catching some bait for a day of fishing. The weather is getting more tumultuous the last fewKeep reading »

Please Harvey…Don’t Hurt Us

And so it begins…here comes our first storm.  JUST IN TIME FOR ME TO GO ON VACATION TO TULUM MEXICO in a few days.  It’s predicted to be Hurricane Harvey by Friday or Saturday…and I’m praying that it heads way north over the Yucatan or dies completely.  And as everyone here knows…what is predicted onKeep reading »

Trips I’ve Taken Out of Belize, Part Three…Merida

An exception to the rule (rule:  all travel in Central America is incredibly slow or expensive) is Mexico.  They have such a great bus system that is very, very reasonably priced.  You also have a bunch of options when reaching Mexico from San Pedro.  The kick-off point to any Mexican adventure is always Chetumal, theKeep reading »

Lunch & Pool Time at Victoria House

As many of you that read my blog know, I lead a very high stress life and so, I took today off to have lunch and hang out at one of the nicest pools on the island, Victoria House. Here was the view from where I was seated for most of the day. And myKeep reading »

Searious Trip to Caye Caulker + A Two Minute Hostel Assessment

Let’s mix things up.  No…not a new place.  Nah…not a new trip…a new tour company!  It wasn’t the ideal day weather-wise when we were picked up by Searious Adventures but it still ended up being a very sunny and all around good time. Searious has a smaller, more intimate catamaran than some of the other bigKeep reading »

Trips Taken Outside Belize…Part Two, Roatan, Honduras

Roatan Cruise Terminal, a sight I hope to never see in San Pedro. Roatan is a popular diving and beach vacation and major cruise ship stop off of Honduras.  Again (like my last vacation to Tikal) somehow I thought visiting an island 125 miles away would be relatively quick and easy…but in fact, it wasn’t.  Roatan is partKeep reading »

5 Reasons You Should Be In San Pedro on September 21st

People think of visiting Belize around big holidays like Christmas, New Years and Easter or for Lobsterfest or Costa Maya.  And those days/events are all great.  But when asked, my favorite holiday BAR NONE is September 21st, Independence Day in Belize.  You need to experience it one time.  Hurricanes be damned. This year, Belize turnsKeep reading »

Charlie Turns 11 At Pedro’s Inn

Her Grace Charlie, grand mistress of Pedro’s Inn (and her attendant, Jambo) were washed, groomed and she was ready to receive her gifts and her BBQ.  But first there was decorating to do.  What proper party doesn’t include balloons?  And Jamie was there to instruct our two volunteers, JD and Darrell, in the proper techniques.  Balloon,Keep reading »

Mystery Fruits in Belize

I stumbled upon this seriously rare fruit in Island Supermarket just yesterday and had to buy two even though I think they were $4 or $5bzd each.  (I couldn’t bear to look).  California Peaches. You hardly ever see these in Belize.  And when you do, they are pretty much rotten or totally mealy…I guess peachesKeep reading »

SanPedroScoop was Trivia Roadkill

sDo you watch “Jeopardy” each night and think “that coulda been me”?  Do you whip your friends’ butts at Trivial Pursuit?  Do you happen to know the name of some stupid dam built in Rhodesia in 1960 that starts with the letter K?  (I’m coming off bitter already).  Well…Quiz Night at Roadkill Bar and Pedro’sKeep reading »

I am Looking For Guest Bloggers

Do you have a different perspective than I do?  Are you Belizean, younger and cooler than me? (not hard to do)  Do you go out late at night and have more fun than I do?  Are you older, been here longer and and still have more fun than I do?  Do you work in a cool,Keep reading »

Mystery Fruit: Dragon Fruit

Ok…mystery is the wrong term.  I have seen this fruit before.  In Vietnam and Thailand but most people that see it here in Belize are seeing it for the first time.  In Asia, it was always very white in the center and was sold everywhere.  Here in Belize, it’s more seasonal (a summertime fruit) and almostKeep reading »