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  • Chetumal, Mexico: Is it Worth Visiting?

    Visiting Chetumal, Mexico:  Things To Do If you are traveling from Mexico into Belize – on your way from Cancun or Merida, or Tulum, Holbox, or Playa Del Carmen, you are going to pass thru (or over) Chetumal Mexico.  Also true if you are going in the other direction. Chetumal is the largest city onKeep reading »

    Great Food In Merida, Mexico: Here’s Where I Ate…Very Well

    Last week I flew to Merida, the capital of the Yucatan state in Mexico, with Tropic Air.  An hour and a half flight from Belize City and I was totally digging the culture, the history, the art, the architecture, the shopping, the buzz…just being in a large city. I ate often in Merida and IKeep reading »

    The Maya History of Merida, Mexico – What I Think Makes it REALLY Special

    Perhaps a lazy Saturday blog…pictures rather than words…but not really.  Merida, Mexico is a beautiful colonial city FOR SURE.  But what sets it apart from Antigua, Guatemala or Puebla, Mexico or the other beautiful colonial cities of Latin America (and what links it to Belize) is the Maya – both past and present. Merida wasKeep reading »

    Merida, Mexico: I Love So Many Things About this City

    I LOVE a city.  I moved to Belize from Manhattan, New York – certainly one of the biggest and most exciting cities on earth.    A move that I do not regret in any way. (Though I wouldn’t mind if my corner bagel shop, Murray’s, opened a branch in San Pedro, Belize.)  I knew thatKeep reading »

    Isla Mujeres, Mexico Means GOOD Eats: Barlito and Rooster Cafe

    I’ll repeat it because it is so true.  For such a small island (barely 5 miles in length), Isla Mujeres has some amazingly delicious eats.  It CERTAINLY helps that almost everything tasty that can be grown is grown in Mexico.  It’s a huge populous country with all sorts of altitudes and abundant sunshine.  As IKeep reading »

    Isla Mujeres, Mexico Means GOOD Eats: Gelato and Mango Cafe

    For such a small island (less than 5 miles in length and pretty much a stones throw in width), Isla Mujeres, Mexico has some amazing restaurants, street food and ice cream at really reasonable prices.  Your selection is big.  With over 1 million tourists coming onto the island each year, a place is going toKeep reading »

    A Guide: Travelling from Cancun, Mexico to Belize for Many Budgets

    This is one of my most frequently asked questions and my post on the trip from Belize City to Cancun on the overnight bus is one of my most read.It’s just a fact.  Flying into Cancun is usually so much cheaper than flying to Belize City.  There are so many more direct flights, the airportKeep reading »

    A Christmas-y Morning in Playa Del Carmen, Mexico

    I am home at last!  My journey back from Providence, Rhode Island took me to Dulles Airport, Washington, DC to Cancun Airport to Playa Del Carmen for a night’s stay and then finally back home to San Pedro.  More about that trip (at least the Mexico part) later.But I do love an international airport that decoratesKeep reading »

    I Love A Parade: Celebrating Dia de La Revolucion in Playa Del Carmen

    Who knew?  November 20th is a public holiday in Mexico…Day of the Revolution.  And I awoke this morning to beating drums…one of my favorite sounds.  A parade!LOTS of school kids on this drizzly morning celebrating sports, culture and the revolution!  And all singing “Sexy Gangnam Style” in Spanish unison.  Very cute. My favorite…the guys whoKeep reading »

    Super Fun or Super Frenzy? Part Two: Shopping in Chetumal, Mexico

    In my last post,  I flew to Corozal, hopped the border to Chetumal, checked into the Hotel Noor and visited Walmart, the mall and the (blech) Free Zone.To enter the Free Zone (or the area between the two borders) from the Mexico side, you need to go through Mexican immigration.  While there, we decided toKeep reading »

    Things I Love About Tulum, Mexico…Even If Just For One Night

    There is plenty to love about Tulum, Mexico (and I have gushed about it all before)…but #1?  The amazing, amazing beach.  You can read about it here:  Best Beach in the World. and I’ve visited and talked about the cool Mayan ruins before… But I didn’t make it to either on this trip.  I wasKeep reading »

    Royal Sands Cancun: Not a Dreaded Time Share, So Much More Than I Thought

    When my friends asked me if I wanted to use their (quickly expiring) time share in Cancun, I’ll admit…I was a tiny bit hesitant.  Firstly, the words “time share” send a shiver down my spine…aggressive sales men hunting me all week…resort organized mixers?  Not my thing.Second…Cancun?  Sure I planned a trip to the Yucatan forKeep reading »

    A Beautiful Day for (Hopefully) Swimming with 40 Foot Long Whale Sharks

    Beautiful one for a very early start.  In a few minutes we are getting picked up from our hotel… to truck it over to Isla Holbox.  Pronounced with the Mexican-Mayan X = “Sh”…or  Holbosh. Supposedly the whale sharks are in a veritable frenzy between Holbox and Contoy feasting on plankton and algae.  NOT human flesh.Keep reading »

    The Water Taxi and Bus from San Pedro, Belize to Cancun…CANCUN BABY!

    I’d been to Cancun a few times in my 20s and had never fallen in love.  Packed with drunken gringos, annoying kids, food chain restaurants and a total lack of all things Mexican…it was great if you could get a long weekend there for $200 but for anymore?  I always picked somewhere else.BUT…I have learnedKeep reading »

    A Cenote, Chedraui, Felipe Carrillo Puerto and My Trip Back South to Belize

    One of my favorite parts about visiting the Yucatan is the cenotes.   Cenotes are sink holes in the limestone that exposes the fresh ground water underneath.  They are part of a huge system of underground caves and rivers.  They seem to be almost everywhere.  And some are much better than others.(Interesting trivia fact:  TheKeep reading »

    Mahajual/Mahahual: Almost Two Different Towns

    About half an hour north and then half an hour east of Chetumal is the small beach town of Mahahual, Mexico. The town was almost totally levelled in August of 2007 when Hurricane Dean (my first real hurricane experience on San Pedro) made a direct hit as a Category 5.  Situated at the northern endKeep reading »

    Laguna Bacalar: A Lake Bluer than the Sea

    Lake Bacalar, just 25 miles north of Chetumal, is incredibly close to San Pedro and is incredibly beautiful.  Looking out over the lake, it is hard to believe that it is fresh water and not the Carribbean.  Bacalar is the second largest fresh water lake in Mexico (the largest is Lake Chalapa southeast of Guadalajara), theKeep reading »

    Before I Turn 40: My Central American "Bucket List"

    Take a look at a map of Central America – the area seems relatively small. But travelling around quickly, cheaply and easily is almost impossible.  If you want to fly to other Central American countries from Belize, you really only have two options.  You can fly to Flores or Guatemala City, Guatemala (neither very farKeep reading »