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All About the DELICIOUS Food of Belize: My Take

What is Belizean Food?  What Food in Belize Should I Taste? Pretty much everyone who visits Belize leaves saying (or thinking) the same thing.  I came for the sun and the snorkeling and the beach and the adventure, and I left raving about the food.  About the people and the food. The food of BelizeKeep reading »

Grey Skies Break For Lunch over the Water at Rum Dog

After some of the year’s most beautiful days of the year, The last 3…maybe 4…have been grey, drizzly to RAINY and cool in Belize.  It looks like things are going to clear up as the week progresses and that is a good thing.  Let the deep puddle, the roads and my laundry dry out.  AndKeep reading »

Comfort Needed: Let’s Make Belizean Chicken Soup

Belize Chicken Soup

Today marks Day 4 of island lock-down quarantine for the surge of COVID we’ve seen in the last week.  Ambergris Caye went from zero active cases (there had only been two diagnosed in late March, early April) to over 50 active cases diagnosed on the island in just the last week. Chicken soup – whichKeep reading »

Consider the Lobster Roll: Elvi’s Kitchen for Lunch

We went for lunch yesterday at one of my favorite eating spots in San Pedro – Elvi’s Kitchen.  (It just happens to be featured in my recent book:  50 BIG Experiences on Ambergris Caye, Belize.) I was lured in by the lunch special.  $25bzd.  Lobster Roll.  The New England classic that screams SUMMER.  The sandwichKeep reading »

Beautiful Maria And Her New Fruit Stand

Maria has been a part of my life in San Pedro since I arrived here over 12 years ago.  Whether I saw her every day (I lived across the street from her fruit stand for quite a while) or just every few months now that I’m on the other end of the island, she isKeep reading »

Belizean Cooking 101: Fun, Food, History, Cocktails, You Can Cook!

Last week I was SO excited to receive this invitation. Belizean Cooking 101.  Cooking Class!  What a FANTASTIC IDEA. To learn how to cook some of the delicious and multi-cultural dishes of Belize.  To listen to some history of how people arrived from Africa, the Caribbean islands, from Europe, from India, from Mexico, from El SalvadorKeep reading »

Mystery Fruits of Belize: The Plum

Walk down the street of San Pedro and you are bound to see someone selling fruit.  The year-round standards are banana, beautiful pineapples, watermelon, oranges, limes, and papaya.   All grown in Belize (check out my post about the banana industry in the south – super interesting to me.) And then we get seasonal fruits –Keep reading »

A Guide To Grocery Stores and Shopping on Ambergris Caye

Going grocery store shopping will be a part of your trip to Belize whether you are renting a home for a long stay or spending a week at a resort.   Even the traveler who packs fastidiously will need to pop into the local shop for a forgotten item. It’s not difficult.  We speak English…that’s good. Keep reading »

My Favorite Quick Snacks to Buy in San Pedro Town

I spend a good chunk of my time running errands.  Maybe “a good chunk” is a bit melodramatic but it really doesn’t feel like it. Shopping for one meal – I can’t even wrap my head around shopping for a whole week (!!!!) – requires at least 3 stops and often more.  I buy theKeep reading »

Green Juice: The Official Ambergris Caye Recipe

A few months ago I wrote about the magical leaf, the super food of the Yucatan – chaya.  You can read all it here:  Chaya:  Overlooked Deliciousness & Wonder Green of Belize? Chaya’s nutritional properties, where you can find it around town, a few ways to prepare it and chaya’s origins. But last Friday, IKeep reading »

A Myriad of Meals: Lunch Options on Ambergris Caye

Lunch on Ambergris Caye Belize is the biggest meal of the day. Here are just some ideas for GREAT places to eat.

I think that America has it all wrong.  I spent the first 30-ish years of my life eating my largest meal in the evening – dinner or, if you are from the south USA, supper.   Lunch was a quicky…a grab-on-the-run, a filler meal. True to my American nature, I didn’t think much about itKeep reading »

Chaya: Overlooked Deliciousness & Wonder Green of Belize?

Chaya or Maya Tree Spinach is native to the Yucatan and to Belize – it’s a food that you see in some of the local restaurants that serve some more typical cuisines – and once in a while you see packages of it at the local green grocer. Chaya is the most delicious green thatKeep reading »

Getting South of San Pedro Town – Changes and Shopping

Bar and Restaurant Pier 366 Banyan Bay Belize

Today we have family arriving from the states and my usual shopping list was modified to include “nice things for visitors” – wine from Wine De Vine, smoked fish from the Farmers’ Market and Ian Anderson. So I set off early on a beautiful Saturday morning.  (This was my view down the easement by theKeep reading »

Chichicastenango: A Huge Colorful Market in the Mountains of Guatemala

Anyone who asks ‘What happened to the Maya people?’ has never been to Guatemala.  The indigenous people of the country who identify as Maya comprise 40% of the population.  And in some areas, the percentages are much higher, you hear the Maya dialects spoken everywhere and the dress is absolutely gorgeous. Chichicastenango (pronounced just likeKeep reading »

Antigua, Guatemala: The Food And the Restaurants

When I set out on my trip to Guatemala almost two weeks ago, I had no clue what the food would be like…but after living in Belize for 10 years, I could make an educated guess.  Beans and rice, for sure.  Chicken and chilies.  A mix of Mayan and Latin/Spanish influences. And lots and lotsKeep reading »