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Saturday in San Pedro: A Farmers’ Market & Crocodile Hunting

Waking up to the height of the yellow sulphur butterfly migration, it was a gorgeous day.  Blue and sunny with hundreds of yellow-green butterflies flitting by.  Was I able to capture them on camera?  Hardly… A cocoplum tree in the front yard seemed to be a quickly snacking stop…there were about 50 on the bush…maybeKeep reading »

Belize Summer in a Bowl: Mango Crumble

Summer in Belize in a Bowl: Mango Crumble Recipe

Summer in Belize means FRUIT to me.  And there is no fruit nearer or dearer to my heart than the mango.  It is absolutely delicious…tropically fabulous…a dessert in itself.   Why, you may ask,  mess with perfection?  Gild the lily? Well…because sometimes, eating these orange beauties warm, with a brown sugar/oatie crumble on top with whippedKeep reading »

New Exciting Business: Belize Food Tours in San Pedro

Now THIS Is a great idea.  FOOD WALKING TOURS in downtown San Pedro presented by Belize Food Tours.  In my mind, there are a few fantastic things going on:  1. Walking around the town is the way to see it.  The people, the fun signs, the small businesses, you get the feel of the charmKeep reading »

San Pedro High School’s 2016 Science Fair Totally ROCKS!

I have no personal experience with science fairs…I’m not sure that Ridgewood High School, NJ even hosted one.  But I feel like I’ve been to a bunch…”Saved by the Bell” and “The Wonder Years”,  the bubbling volcano on “The Brady Bunch” and “The Simpsons”. Here’s something I didn’t know…the science fair at San Pedro, BelizeKeep reading »

All About DELICIOUS Belizean Food: My Take

What is Belizean Food?  What Food in Belize Should I Taste? I have lots of friends and readers ask me about Belizean food because well…as a global cuisine, it is not especially well known.  Sure, a Garifuna restaurant (Garifuna Flava in Chicago) was once featured on (the OH so irritating) Guy Fieri’s “Dinners, Drive-In andKeep reading »

Fresh Organic Greens Grown on Ambergris Caye Plus a Super Fun Fact

I had seen the large 2000 square foot greenhouse at Mahogany Bay Village on Ambergris Caye before… …but just recently I heard that people were getting deliveries of fresh organic lettuce and greens.  The company called Ambergreens Organic Aquaponics Greenhouse was up and running.  The very first of its kind on the island. I’d visited a hydroponicsKeep reading »

Estel’s 5th Annual Ribs Cook-Off: There’s A New QUEEN in Town

What a way to spend a Tuesday afternoon.  A gorgeous day on Ambergris Caye. Texas singer/songerwriter Jerry Jeff Walker in town and his huge crew for sold-out Camp Belize (his yearly two week concert set in San Pedro.)  And 6 grills going filled with delicious pork ribs.  6 grillmasters.  3 from San Pedro, 3 fromKeep reading »

Cocoplums and Reading on the Victoria House Dock

Summer is the time for odd (to me) fruits and this time of year, these gorgeous bushes along the beach are bursting with a particularly strange one.  Cocoplums.   It’s a dark green glossy leaved shrub that first gets white tiny flowers and then these round “fruit”.  They start whitish and turn a pretty rosyKeep reading »

Watermelon Juice & Its Variations: World? You are Welcome

It is August in Belize.  Well…it’s August everywhere and that, for those of us in the Northern Hemisphere, is the hottest month of the year. The temperature here is in the high 80s – from when you wake up in the morning and to when go to sleep.  The humidity is 80% or higher…and it’s just plain steamy. AndKeep reading »