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The Tuesday Morning Fruit Boats & Becoming a Dolla Taco Connoisseur

Fruits and vegetables in Belize tend to be expensive.  Particularly if they are imported from outside the country.  And selection can seems a bit limited at times…especially to someone who has just moved here and is used to the huge choice at American (or Canadian) supermarkets.Dreaming of a bit of fall acorn squash?  You mightKeep reading »

100% Made In San Pedro, Belize: Delicious Kakaw Chocolates

Yesterday I was a bit nervous.  After dieting for seven weeks with rigor and perseverance that would impress most Olympic athletes,  I was headed to south Ambergris Caye to visit Kakaw Chocolate factory.  And when I returned? The “full house” of Belizean chocolate right there in my hand.  Oh the temptation!   But let’s backKeep reading »

The Buzz: Bill Gates in San Pedro, Belize & Flour Tortillas…You Foil me AGAIN!

Yesterday afternoon a HUGE boat pulled up just outside the reef off Ambergris Caye.  It’s honestly the biggest boat I have ever seen.   It is ridiculous.  Everyone on shore and on the Internet was abuzz with gossip…Jimmy Buffett?  Oprah Winfrey?  Beyonce and Jay-Z?  Pictures like this were surfacing on Facebook…from the San Pedro Harbourmaster.Keep reading »

Mystery Fruit of San Pedro, Belize: Custard Apple or Cherimoya

The fruit season in Belize is starting up.  Mamey is here.  Green mangos are just arriving, ripe ones should be here in a month or two and yesterday I found a strange fruit that I’ve never tried.  The custard apple.  Also called cherimoya or even the ice cream fruit.  Hmmmm…those names sound promising. Hey, MarkKeep reading »

I Had Two Pounds Of Pig Tails in My Refrigerator, Not Anymore…

And I am going to attempt one of my favorite Belizean lunches.   So far, I’ve done Chicken Soup and Beef Soup.   So here is Part 3 in my Belizean Recipe series.  Split Peas and Pig Tail Over White Rice. I know what you are thinking…tails of pigs?  Yup.  If we are going to eat pork, let’sKeep reading »

Belizean Cooking: Recipe #2 – Belize Beef Soup

About a month ago, I was given the recipe to make Belizean chicken soup by Marina’s Store and, not to brag, but since then, I have mastered it.  I make the best chicken soup in the world.  Your mom?  Second rate.  Your yiddish great grandma that made it for you when you were 6 years old? Keep reading »